Monday, May 24, 2010

the possibilities an artist sees

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher now if you are an artist or artsy, you will get this...i see the possibilities in all things...i am a elementary teacher...and i think i see the possibilities in each third grade, the student exhibits interests OR talents OR i like to say POSSIBILITIES!...and teachers that do their jobs...well, they notice these possibilities...and encourage needs to be told they have strengths in certain areas...they know it, deep inside...but when others recognize these traits, wow, it pushes them to pursue the POSSIBILITIES...
i see possibilities with things that i think in my "where's santa?"... a play i wrote for our third grade to perform...check it the
tie-dye t-shirt???...this is my all time most creative student ever in this picture...she is "outstandingly" bet i pushed her to pursue those creative possibilities!

or like a work of art i create when a friend of mine gets married...and she likes johnny and june cash a bunch..lookie here...

i often see possibilities with objects...i like to walk...for about a month now, i have been passing this pile of wood...check it out... any possibilities for this pile of wood?...somebody know how i know? i walk by this pile of wood each day, i notice the pile of wood getting smaller and smaller...someone in the neighborhood sees the possibilities with this wood besides me...
and i am sure someone reading this 2 soul sister blog does, 2!


walk this way, walk this way
walk this way, walk this way
walk this way, walk this way
walk this way, walk this way
just gimme a kiss
like this!

YouTube-Aerosmith "Walk this Way"

happy may 24, 2010!

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  1. We think so much alike! I was taking photos this weekend at the horse show in Ocala of colored trashcans!!!!!!!!! Liked the post and I am ready for summer to expand on my possibilities!