Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, February 29, 2016

Name Color Wheels

This was a cool spin on a color wheel unit. Lesson was found on
Each one turned out very differently. You can see just how each artist chose to tackle the lesson.
I made it open ended. I wanted to see which kid would push themselves more. Everyone was successful and has a better understanding of the color wheel. Be sure to click the link for more details on the particulars of the lesson.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Fly, Butterfly, Fly!

Here is a fun spring project for first grade.  Fly, Butterfly, FLY!
1-I talked about symmetry.  I used scissors to cut and explain symmetry.  Luckily, the first grade teachers had already introduced the concept.  I was just doing a little reinforcement in the art room.
2-I had the students fold a sheet of 12" x 18" drawing paper in half.
3-I had the kids draw one butterfly wing on one half of the folded sheet.  Yes, this took a few tries for many.  I noticed students helping students and in a few minutes, we had one wing drawn.
4-The students with the folded paper in hand, cut the one wing out.  They were pretty amazed when 2 wings appeared.
5-The students painted their wings with tempera paint.
6-The teacher hot glued the pipe cleaners and wings on the construction paper.
Remember "Fly, Robin, Fly" by Silver Connection from 1975?


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Origami EYES

How cool is this? Thanks to  for the idea and instructions. Check it out for details on how to make.
We used xerox paper, oil pastels, colored pencils and crayons.
When was the last time you created a piece of Origami? 


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Middle School Miro

Last week, the 8th graders took a look at artist Joan Miro.  Joan Miro (1893-1983) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist born in Barcelona.  Below is a piece of art from the middle school project.  The kids rocked it!
1-  I showed the brief video below about Miro.

2-I gave the kids a handout with some of Miro's work.
3-The kids lightly sketched on paper.
4-The kids used Elmer's Glue + Black paint to outline their sketch.  I mixed the black glue.  Art Teachers, you add black paint, and give it a try.  I have no special formula.
5-Kids used Gouache to fill in the design.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Art Journaling - Inspired by Meera Lee Patel

We looked several Art Journals. Meera Lee Patel's Art kept popping up

Here is some information about Meera Lee
 Meera Lee Patel is a self-taught artist raised by the New Jersey shore, where she swam the bright waters and climbed cherry blossom trees until she grew old enough to draw them. Her illustrations are inspired by the magical mysteries of nature, the quiet stories that lace through everyday life, and the bold colors of her native India.

Her latest book, START WHERE YOU ARE was published by Penguin-Random House in August 2015.

Meera lives + works in Brooklyn, NY.

Lesson: Art Journaling - Must be positive
Theme:          Very Useful Advice
                        Made up by me

·       How to be a good friend
·       How to survive middle school
·       How to be a leader / How to be humble
·       How to be a well-rounded teen
·       How to be a good team player
·       How to be a good student
·       How to find your GRIT
·       How to see glass ½ full

*look up and Great resources for Art Journaling!

Create a text page using color, different direction lettering, use lines and dots only, repetition and differing letter thicknesses. One color pen for words, one for dots and lines. Try to incorporate as many Elements and Principles of Art as you can. 

*Zentangles may be used too!
Let me see what ya got! Get those creative juices flowing!!!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Elisabeth Gross-Marks Collages

Who is Elisabeth Gross-Marks?
Artist Statement-
 I was born in Germany where I studied art in Munich and Berlin. I received a scholarship for a stay in Paris from Berlin's Academy of Art. I had shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I moved to Ithaca in 1989, where I am working as a professional artist and a private art teacher. Since 1990, I am a member of the State of the Art Gallery, where I participate in all member shows and where I show a new piece of art monthly. I have had shows in Corning, Binghamton and some two person shows in Ithaca. Many of my paintings are in private collections in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA.
I really enjoyed looking at Elisabeth Gross-Marks' work.  The latest works are so colorful and fun.  I chose a collage type activity to do with my middle school students.  The results were amazing.
If you are interested in doing a cool collage, look up artist Elisabeth Gross-Marks on her blog at Elisabeth Gross-Marks.
For additional information, click Elisabeth Gross-Marks bio.
Below is the sample work done by middle school students in 3 days.
1-Show the video below to introduce Elisabeth Gross-Marks' work.

 2-Kids painted the background in a random fashion with Gouache.
3-Kids glued on sheets of tissue paper.
4-Kids put a layer of Modge Podge over the entire work of art.
5-Kids stamped on their artwork with acrylic paint.
The Elisabeth Gross-Mark Collage project was a huge success! 

Here's what Elisabeth Gross-Marks (above) says about her work, "I have an inner picture that is like a kaleidoscope of bright colors that I am chasing after, seeking order in the abundance of possibilities, allowing myself to create exuberance and excitement. After having painted abstracts for many years, I started doing collages, using all kinds of papers, fabrics, ribbons and shapes."