Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Distant Learning, CARE Team, COTA Class and Friendship Bracelets

As art teachers, we don't like to re-invent the wheel and we do like to spiral and cross all of our task in bundles if at all possible. Hence, this post from Kim and Cathy! Cathy and I are both on the CARE Team and we do spiral our curriculum throughout the year. We like to collaborate in the 4th quarter to build excitement for the arts during the bridge of elementary school to middle school.

Below you will learn a little more about our CARE Team on campus. We have blogged on the COTA Class before. I will post a few links below for those of you that aren't familiar with this middle school service learning class.

Below are the friendship bracelets that are being mailed out as I type to all of Pre-k, lower school and middle school students!

Examples of COTA  Class Projects:

Just for fun... the above is a gluten free brownie pie for Mr. Left Brain's 52 birthday during this quarantine. I chose the Buzz Light Year theme for his pie =)

What is the Maclay CARE Team? Below will help you see how we have reached out to folks as a school unit. Yes, we have thought outside of the box and been really creative in our connections. Like our hand written snail mail letter below - "Let's turn Social Distancing into Creative Connecting!"

We hand wrote close to 30 letters to our CARE Team members. Ya know everyone likes snail mail!
Upper School student designed out CARE Logo using the Acorn to Oaks theme. There is a link to this concept below:

Main Idea:  Keep it Human – through Empathy and Caring 

We are trying to find our new cadence, people are stressed, let’s pick up the phone, ask “how are you doing?”  “We are worried about you”.  We don’t know what is going on in people’s families, the best things we can do is actually care about each other and reach out. 

The short and long term success of our students AND Maclay as an institution depends on us proactively combating isolation and promoting connection.  YOU are the conduit through which we need to do this.  Without you, there is NO SYSTEM IN PLACE to encourage and maintain the positive Maclay Culture during this time. 

Big Ideas:  
  • The Mission of the Maclay Family Care Team is to combat isolation and promote connection. 
  • Each Care Team member will have an average of 20 families assigned to them. 
  • Each Care Team member is responsible for staying in contact with their families continually with no break in connection for longer than 72 hours. 
  • Each Care Team member is responsible for knowing and assisting their families with school-related issues. 
  • The Care Team will be the main conduit of how information is documented, passed up the chain, passed back down, and problems are resolved. 
  • These connections are designed to be professional yet personal in nature.  Academics is the core of what we do, but the care and connections we provide are what make Maclay School special.  

So we have been working on many projects together and this is one of them.

We worked with guidance to create a Wellness Check list.

So, we are excited to see who all likes their snail mail CARE Package when it arrives. Would love to hear from you - comment, email or direct message us!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Mrs. Hicks + Jim Dine = Way Super Cool 2nd Grade Art

Mrs. Hicks + Jim Dine = Way Super Cool 2nd Grade Art
Have I mentioned before that we have a pretty cool lower school art teacher here at Maclay? Well, this week we have been getting portfolios ready to go home. Yes, sounds crazy right. I saw a few of these and just knew I needed to blog on them. They just make me happy! How about you? The more we organized art for end of the year pick up the more sad our mood became as we are really missing our students on campus. But, HEY....the ARTWORK sure did cheer us up!

We have blogged on Cathy's Art before check out a few of the links below:

Yes, we promote our art internally by tagging the school! You gotta do what ya gotta do to make sure all of your kids art is seen!

Stay tuned for more on the Art Show and how it rolls out - but we believe in multi-use of our art and this was a cool way to use the sticker!

Have you ever wondered the app that is used to get a square for your Instagram post? This is the one that I have used for years! Take a look. Easy Square has a feature that blurs the background.

Same Art - just different look!

This video has the history and background of Pop Artist Jim Dine. It discusses briefly the history of Pop Art and has a wide range of images of Jim Dine's art work, with a specific focus on his heart series. Happy Creating!!

Ya know the more I listen to this song....the more I like it! Janis was the real deal... take a listen!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Distance Learning - Choice Board Week 5 - Forced Perspective

Ok, the more we do online school the crazier the art gets with my middle school kids....AND, I love it! Some of these submissions are a hoot! Distance Learning Week 5 Choice Board for my middle school students. I think I am about to get the hang of keeping my executive functioning skills organized. I miss my students in class. I know I am having to be very diligent in staying organized. But, It helps that I have an online PLN of Art Teachers that are willing to share. This lesson was a fun one to pick as I was able to see many of my student's sense of humor...that was an added bonus!

Below are the examples and references that I found to use. I can't express how appreciative I am to those art teachers that are online and willingly share. My professions is amazing and being collaborative! These were placed in a folder on Microsoft Teams and Schoology.

I grew up with the Bee Gees so this was a must to add into the closure of the blog. Enjoy...