Monday, May 31, 2010

Color Wheels

At the end of the year, I did a quick color wheel unit! This was easy and had quite a few teachable moments too. Lots of K-2 kids didn't quite understand why some colors had double names...well now they know - those are the ones that are side by side on the color wheel. You get them from mixing a primary and a secondary color together. Have you ever looked for color theory information on YouTube? If not, check it out there is lots of information on it. We watched a couple of quick video clips from YouTube then they had to fill out a work sheet by using our own color wheels. Ok - just Google color wheel work sheets you will find so many options. Finally, they had to create a color wheel in some form or fashion using their imagination. I thought these were pretty clever for K-2 grades!
Happy Memorial Day! x0x0x, Kim 1969


  1. this is a sneaky way to teach something...i like it!...1965

  2. I love it!! The lesson plan, not the color wheel...I do not like teaching the color wheel! When I do break down and actually teach the wheel we change it to a triangle of sorts and make a color wheel pizza. I know...weird!But it works. I like your idea and I will be borrowing it next year. Thanks!!!