Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, February 21, 2020

Put Shoe Polish on Your Tie Dye Christmas Trees!

Yes, these are Tie Dye Christmas Trees.  We used them to make our foyer at school HIP!  We were rockin' and poppin' with our multi-color Christmas trees.  To HECK with just red and green!  


I cut triangles for the kids to trace.
They traced and colored with oil pastel.
They pressed down hard because a light dusting with oil pastel just is not cool.
Then, they crumpled up the paper.  Yes, anxiety was amidst the room.
What next?  Oh, we just covered the entire piece of art with shoe polish.  We have posted on shoe polish batik in the past, click HERE to see! 
As quickly as possible, we washed these suckers in the sink.
We wiped them off a tad with a big sponge.
Then, we pressed with a paper towel to soak up a little more shoe polish.
We stacked all of them in a pile with sheets in between so that they could dry.

and That's that.


The Process:

The Product:

Janis Joplin was hip like these trees.  She checked out on us too soon...Not to be a cry baby, but she did.


Monday, February 17, 2020

Kim and Katie's Line Design Project - Middle School Art + Math Collaborative Lesson = An Infused Curriculum

Part 2:  How did this happen? Well, we have combined classes of 7th and 8th graders. Our 7th grade is currently on their field trip to Washington DC. So, my teacher friend Katie asked me to collaborate. This lesson just took on a life of its own as you can tell by the photos in this post.

Line Design Project - Middle School Math Project

Product Description
Teachers Pay Teachers: The Crafty Dog (Janelle Graham)
Line Design projects are so fun, specially at the end of the year when everyone is ready for something a little different! These pages come in Microsoft word form so that way you can edit to fit your classroom needs or change the project checklist to fit your needs. In the final stage of the project, students will create their very own math artwork, which students can choose their own media to create their artwork.

This project is mostly self guided for middle school students to do on their own. Introduce the project and help them get started, then they are off! To help them get started you can find all kinds of examples using google or YouTube videos showing students how to complete line designs. I usually create a gallery or power-point for students to flip through! The project pages I am providing here are a checklist of how the project will be graded, instructions to complete their own creative line design and templates to complete to learn how to do line designs! There are 7 pages of templates that vary in difficulty, but scaffolds in a way to build up the basics so everyone can do the most difficult examples!

The project is divided into three sections:
1. Learning about Line Design
2. Rough Draft of Art Project
3. Final Art Project

This project allows students to create their final project through media of their choice, such as digital, poster, wood/nails (String art), etc...

Thank you for your support!
The Crafty Dog (Janelle Graham)
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You can see more of Kim and Katie's Art + Math in the link below (Part 1):

Some of ours added a heart to help celebrate Valentine's Day

And of course, we close with those good ole 80's songs....such a good vibe to  leave you all with...