Sunday, December 3, 2023

Pulling Creativity: Exploring Pulled String Art and the Power of Critique in the Art Classroom

In the vibrant canvas of our art classroom, we recently delved into an intriguing art technique—pulled string art painting! This unique and engaging activity allowed our students to unleash their creativity through a mesmerizing process. Let's dive into the world of pulled string art and the enriching experience of a class critique that followed.

Unraveling Pulled String Art: Pulled string art painting involves an imaginative process where colors are applied to a surface, and a string is pulled through the wet paint, creating fascinating patterns and textures. Our students embraced this hands-on technique, each creating their colorful masterpieces filled with dynamic lines and shapes.

The Creative Process Unfolds: Guided by their imagination and curiosity, students explored various color combinations, paint viscosities, and string manipulation techniques. With each stroke of the string, intricate designs emerged, reflecting the students' individual artistic expressions.

The Power of Class Critique: Following the completion of their pulled string art paintings, our classroom transformed into an art gallery. A pivotal moment awaited our students—the class critique. This constructive feedback session encouraged students to discuss their artworks, share their creative process, and receive valuable insights from their peers.

Benefits of the Critique Session: During the critique, students engaged in a dialogue, expressing their artistic choices, challenges faced, and the intentions behind their compositions. Through this exchange, they not only received feedback but also sharpened their analytical skills and expanded their perspectives on art.

Enhancing Artistic Growth: The critique session served as a catalyst for artistic growth. Students gained confidence in presenting their artwork, learned to articulate their thoughts and ideas, and embraced diverse viewpoints from their peers—an invaluable skill set that extends beyond the art classroom.

Encouraging Reflection and Appreciation: As students shared and received feedback, they gained a deeper appreciation for the creative process and the diverse interpretations of art. The critique nurtured a culture of respect, understanding, and encouragement among our budding artists.

The pulled string art painting lesson, coupled with the enlightening class critique, exemplified the fusion of creativity, expression, and collaboration within our art classroom. Through this experience, our students not only discovered a new art technique but also honed their communication skills and fostered a deeper appreciation for the diversity of artistic expressions.

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The BEST Pull String Art EVA!


Saturday, December 2, 2023

Exploring Fauvism: A Vivid Art Movement Amidst Our School's Canvas

Step into the vibrant world of Fauvism—a revolutionary art movement that embraced bold colors and dynamic brushstrokes. Today, we embark on an artistic journey through the lens of Fauvism, exploring its essence while incorporating a visual representation of our school's façade. Join us as we unravel the captivating history and characteristics of Fauvism against the backdrop of our school's artistic canvas.

Fauvism Unveiled: In the early 20th century, Fauvism emerged as a groundbreaking movement that challenged traditional artistic norms. Led by artists like Henri Matisse and André Derain, Fauvism celebrated the use of vivid, non-representational colors and exaggerated forms, liberating art from its realistic constraints.

Our School's Fauvist View: As we peer through the lens of Fauvism, let's take a closer look at the front facade of our school. Through this snapshot, we observe how Fauvism's essence aligns with our school's appearance—a burst of lively colors, whimsical shapes, and a sense of unrestrained expression.

Art History Facts about Fauvism:

  • Fauvism derived its name from the French word "fauve," meaning "wild beast," indicating the movement's untamed and unrestrained approach to color usage.
  • Fauvist artists were characterized by their vivid, non-naturalistic palettes, often using colors directly from the tube without much mixing. Henri Matisse, a prominent Fauvist artist, famously said, "What I dream of is an art of balance, purity, and serenity, devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter."
  • The movement lasted for a brief but influential period, from about 1905 to 1908, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of modern art.

Reflections of Fauvist Expression: Our school's facade, with its bold color palette and architectural design, echoes the spirit of Fauvism—a celebration of vibrant hues and liberated artistic expression. As the sun illuminates the front of our school, it brings to life a Fauvist-inspired canvas that resonates with the movement's exuberance and zest for life.

 As we gaze upon our school's frontage through the lens of Fauvism, we witness the convergence of art history and present-day aesthetics. Fauvism's legacy lives on, transcending time and medium, vividly portrayed within the very fabric of our school's artistic landscape—a reminder of the movement's boldness, innovation, and its enduring influence on the world of art. This lesson was created with a Xerox copy of the front of our school and embellished with oil pastels to give it a Fauvist feel.


Friday, December 1, 2023

Celebrating Bob Cochran - A Potter, Husband, and the Life of the Party


Our family is growing! We are super glad to introduce Robbie!

Today is bitter sweet, but we wanted to document this special day! In the world of ceramics, there exists a maestro, Bob Cochran, affectionately known as BOBO, whose passion for pottery is matched only by his dedication as a husband and his ability to light up a room. We have posted on Bobo before, yes, he is the 2 Soul Sister’s Dad. As we celebrated his 80th birthday and the anniversary of his unwavering love story with his flexible and resilient wife, it's time to honor this remarkable man who embodies the spirit of creativity, love, and a zest for life akin to Chevy Chase's infectious humor. Today would have been the 60th wedding anniversary. Yes, he is going to be grumpy about this post, but we don’t care. He doesn’t like the attention, but we want to celebrate him for all he does for us!

Bob Cochran - The Potter Extraordinaire:

Bob's journey as a potter has been nothing short of inspiring. His hands possess a magical touch, molding clay into breathtaking ceramics that mesmerize all who lay eyes on them. His commitment to perfection and innovation in pottery has made him a master of the craft. Whether crafting functional pieces or intricate art, Bob's work speaks volumes about his dedication, creativity, and love for the art form. He continues to take special orders from his 2 daughters and all the grandkids.

2 Soul Sisters Art Camp 2023 and Bobo's Bowls!

Devoted Husband and Life of the Party:

Beyond his artistic prowess, Bob Cochran is a devoted husband, the rock in his family's foundation. We sure do miss our mom. Elaine Cochran, better known as “GA”, was just the absolute best! Mom would giggle at Bobo for being like Chevy Chase and having his comedic charm. Bobo lights up every occasion with his infectious energy and humor. (Especially at Christmas, he puts lights on EVERYTHING!) Mom, a true partner, embraced the "Cochran craziness" with a flexible and open heart, making their union a testament to love's resilience and laughter's healing power. Yes, we even told funny stories and played one of her favorite songs at her funeral…Don’t mess with my Toot Toot! Again, never a dull moment and we are always making memories to share for years to come.

The recent celebration of Bob's 80th birthday was a testament to the impact he has had on countless lives. Friends, family, and admirers gathered to honor his legacy, sharing stories of his pottery mastery, his endearing humor, and the love he radiates. It was a joyous occasion, filled with laughter, a stuck car, friends, family and a display of Bob's stunning pottery pieces that adorn homes and hearts worldwide.

Here is the link to the information on his 80th Birthday! Below are a few snapshots of the day's events. Mailin...and Bobo with their shenanigans!

The REAL Chevy Chase is 80 TODAY!

He is also known as the “Dog Whisperer” but that friends is a post for another day! Bahahahahahaha Bertie, Bansky, Georgia, Buddy, Blue, Barley and Murray all love you and the special treats!

Love when he becomes friends with our friends and sends special prizes to them too!

He does love some Yard Art and we just can't explain it sometimes! 

Packing is not his thing! But it is ok he has us for that =) We have some stories about this!

He is going to be the best Great Grand Dad EVER..... Just ask Robbie! "GA" sure would love this little nugget.

Thanks, Bobo...for being you and always lending a helping hand in our art classrooms!

We love you BOBO! 1969 and 1965