Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, May 7, 2021

KCCI, Art of the Box and the Celebration of the Arts 2021

This was an exciting first for Maclay School and the Visual Arts Team. We received and email from a parent / now friend - Betsy. She explained this whole process to us all and wanted to get our students involved. We thought, sure...let's do this! We had no idea that contact / communication would lead to such a school wide / community success. I have copied and pasted below how this all played out...

Check out this link for the scoop:

10th Art of the Box Unveiling 

On April 13, the 10th Art of the Box was celebrated at the Maclay School, where student artist Olivia Schroeder attends.  This is the 10th Art of the Box KCCI facilitated.  This box is the first featuring a student’s artwork, and the first box sponsored by a family.  Thank you Dudley Family for making this public art piece possible.

Art of the Box is a program that showcases and promotes the work of local artists while covering traffic control boxes that are often defaced with graffiti.  The program deters vandalism, provides economic opportunity and marketing for local artists by showcasing their talents, and beautifies neighborhoods as the boxes broaden access to, and appreciation of, public art.

Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor, Mayor John Dailey, 2021 KCCI Community Catalysts, KCCI supporters, Maclay faculty, and Olivia’s parents came out to celebrate the 10th Art of the Box.

Our featured artist and her parents.
Well, hey there Mayor! friend, Betsy. She is doing what she does best.

The unveiling was also timely as it came weeks after Leon County Government and KCCI announced the Call for Artists to cover utility boxes at popular libraries and county parks.  Interested artists are invited to submit original, inspired and/or uplifting artwork by May 15 at

Lots of great PR for the Arts and the Community.
Would not have been possible without these folks!


Peep, my student Caroline. She is Betsy's daughter. Apparently, she is like my daughter and likes to bake. I just recently shared friendship bread starter with her. Art touches us in many ways. It could be culinary, in the visual arts classroom or just making our community more beautiful! The real reason Caroline was attending is since this was a one school event...she was getting the scoop for a story for our Middle School News Broadcast.

 Olivia is a keeper in our Visual Arts Department. I can't wait to see what she produces over the next few years. She and I share a common love of Dr. Martens...just saying!

Thank you to the community partners and business leaders who worked with KCCI’s 2021 Community Catalyst Class to make this 10th Art of the Box possible: The Dudley Family, City of Tallahassee, FASTSIGNS, and Maclay School.

I must admit the first time I turned and saw this electrical box heart was full. I pass it every day on the way to work.
Appreciate the support from all areas of our vast community here in Tallahassee!
Yes, they took the design and made a coloring post card for our Maclay Family. I will post on that next. We had the help of the Advancement Team on this project.
They also had mask created with Olivia's design. Just how cool are those!

 From Maclay School's Facebook Page:

#Repost @kccitallahassee with @get_repost
As the 10th Art of the Box was unveiled, it was a celebration of it being the 1st box to showcase student artwork and the 1st box sponsored by a family. 
Thank you Suzanne and Chris Dudley for setting a precedent by sponsoring the box at the intersection of Maclay & Meridian Road. KCCI to engaged students from nearby @maclayschool in this aspect. Congratulations to student Olivia Schroeder for “Acorns to Oaks” being showcased. 
Stay tuned for more to come from the 2021 KCCI Community Catalyst class as this is just the beginning. The team is planning ways to grow the Art of the Box concept and generate more major art throughout Leon County. 
If you missed it, two weeks ago the KCCI Catalyst team and @leoncounty announced a partnership with Leon County Government to showcase outdoor art at Libraries and popular parks. The Call for Artists can be found on KCCI's web site. 
And the KCCI Bike Park tCatalyst team is having an art-filled week as well. Stay tuned to see what bicycling resource pops up at a local Leon County School. @leoncountyschools
Thanks Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL) for the coverage! See link below.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — The city of Tallahassee and KCCI is taking public infrastructure and turning it into art. Gray utility boxes that you see along the road will now showcase local talent. Leon County has invested $20,000 into the "Art of the Box" campaign to fund more utility boxes across the city.
Today the 10th utility box was unveiled, for the first time featuring art from a local student.

Maclay School sophomore, Olivia Schroeder, told ABC27 "it adds color to the community and the area and I think it's just a fun way to express yourself, I wanted to incorporate our oak trees because that's a big part of our campus so I went through and researched different types of oak trees and put all those kinds of leaves in and I took a picture of where it was going to be and I pulled the colors from there and put it into the art."

The "Art of the Box" is intended to promote engagement and diversity in the community. A call for submissions is underway for the new artfully inspired boxes coming soon. To submit your artwork click here.

Stay tuned for more information on this post! Glad you stopped by to take a "looksy". If you have any questions, please drop a comment or email me directly.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Photobooth, Celebration of the Arts, Performances, and the Art of Gratitude 2021

See, I told you from the other post that these hearts were used for lots! How cool is this Mother / Daughter Duo! As you scroll through, you can see all that happened during these 4 days. I will post on the individual happenings and then link all together in one final post for you to have all located in one spot if you all choose to do this at your school.
Photo Booth Props. Thanks, Upper School Art for getting these ready.
These were created last year in our COTA Class. Community Out Reach Through The Arts, but due to the pandemic....we were not able to use them - sigh... Glad we were able to bust them out this year!

Siblings....with a little brother not in middle school.
More family fun.
Pop up concerts in the courtyard were so cool to see.
This made the week seem so the outside concert vibe we had going on during the days.
Lots of teachers took pics and send them to us.
Be still my heart, I am glad she loves art!
Best book ever..... again we made this last year but were not able to use it!
Lots of work hauling the sound equipment back and forth but everyone enjoyed the music.
Bahahahahahaha....these kids have the best sense of humor!
Both are GRATEFUL!
Yes, we were able to see some of the plays!
Lower School was listening intently to see the outcome. Have you ever played the game of Clue? Seen the movie? If not, check it out.
Clue....the kids loved it!
Multi Step for this Photo Booth back drop.

Talk about a GRATEFUL door look at all of those messages. Guidance had students do an activity that we will later post on this for you to see the all of the moving pieces.
Thanks, we need to hear and see that on some days!
Saran Wrap Murals are always a must this time of year.
Thankful and Grateful for all of students and a time to share a picnic at lunch.

Weather was a bit "iffy" so we moved today's events inside our new building.
                    Mr. Tuffigo out of the French classroom and on the drums!
                    Did I mention, we have faculty and staff that perform too? Thanks, Mr. G for puttin' on a good show.
                        Lots of moving pieces to make this week happen.
                                Truly a one school effort on this board!
                    We see you, Mr. Milford, supporting the arts on the lawn!

                Peep, Mr. Beamers he watches his daughter perform.

Stay tuned for more information on this One School Event! Can't wait to share with you all. Again, if you have questions, drop us a comment or shoot me an email.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Chalk, Celebration of the Arts and Art of Gratitude Week

This week was really laid back. I am inserting the flyers that were posted daily on our social media. This activity just let classroom teachers head out for an art break at their leisure. You can see that we got our older students to tape out some of the designs - more of a mosaic feel. This made it easier for the younger grades to come out and just chat and color. The smiles for this project were abundant and the students loved it...teachers too!


The grocery cart was the supply cart that parked in the center of campus. It held our supplies of bagged up chalk, masking / painters tape, duct tape, wipes, etc...This was a better idea for us rather than laundry baskets around campus. Plus the kids think it is a hoot to get to push it, added bonus!