Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Funky Chickens!

Don't you just love these FuNkY ChICkens?  I certainly do!  The fourth graders really rocked this project.  How did it happen?


I talked to the kids.  I told them that I wanted them to draw funky chickens.  And that's what they did!

So, the kids drew the chickens.
They colored with oil pastel.
Then, they painted with watercolor.  Do you like the gold, silver, and copper watercolor?  I purchased the watercolor from Dick Blick and it was a hit.  Here is the link for the watercolor.   (Dick Blick watercolor)


These Funky Chickens are BOSS!


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Abstract Art with Cathy Hicks

Cathy, our lower school art teacher does it again. She nailed this lesson and it was a success for all. Check out her results below. She was able to introduce many Elements and Principles through this one multi layered lesson. Line was the main focus of this unit. She dove deep into the "personalities" of many different types of line. I do believe Abstract Art was the perfect way to teach this lesson.  It looks way super cool on display in our lower school common area.

Cathy, this is for you....ha! You got it. You know how to rock it in the classroom! ENJOY....

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Baby in Manger

Here is a great was to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus✝.  My middle school students did these before Christmas break.  They were a great art activity to relieve the stress of school's demands.


I gave the students purple construction paper.
The kids drew their Baby Jesus✝ Manger scenes.
The kids used oil pastel to complete the project!


11 more months, folks!  


Monday, February 11, 2019

Ideas For Thanksgiving Art (Never to late to start thinking about next year)

From Halloween until Valentine's Day as an art teacher things can be kind of nuts. I took photos of all of my Quarter 2 student's portfolios. I realized that I never posted on Thanksgiving. Yes, I know it is going to post in the middle of February...but I thought this idea could be used around Easter too. Instead of a still life Zentangled fruit bowl one could design an Easter basket with the same premise.

Why is it a good idea to photo student work? Just this week we had to produce a Power Point for our Leadership Maclay Alumni Conference. I was delighted as I had so many photos to choose from in putting the Power Point together. 
Students had to great something that reminded them of the holiday, Thanksgiving. We had several turkeys, cornucopias and fruit baskets. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Pollock Meet Dine, Oh How Divine!

Hey, this was one messy project by my second graders.  Boy, oh boy, do they pop!  I absolutely love💓 these hearts.  The kids loved 💙 every ounce of this project.  (especially the semi-controlled splatter painting)


We talked a little about Jackson Pollock.  For previous posts on Pollock, click HERE!
We talked a little about Jim Dine.  For previous posts on Dine, click HERE!
The kids drew a heart 💚.
The kids painted the background.
The kids painted the heart 💜.
The kids painted and outlined the heart 💗.
The kids splattered paint.



Wednesday, February 6, 2019

One Of Our Valentines Is In Memphis, So We Shipped An Artsy Care Package (Kappa Delta, College Daughter)

Ok, so I was in my art studio the other day and had a feeling of creating something for a Valentine's gift for dear daughter who is in Memphis. This is what I created. I loved it. Dollar Tree frame all Artsy'ed Up. 
Here is the photo from Winter Rush at Rhodes this past January. I snagged it from daughter. I used a color printer and printed. I laminated before attaching to the back of the frame. 
This is Georgia. She is daughter's English Cocker Spaniel. They both miss each other, so this is a card that we created for the Valentine care package. Empty nest isn't just for the parents it is real for the pets in the house too.
She loves to be photographed.

These are attached at the bottom.
Added our Soul Sister sticker to the back.

Over the years our dad, Bobo, has helped with our glass bead collection. This is from our special stash from him.

 The eye hooks were added and fun glass beads
 Years ago, this frame I bought at The Dollar Tree. It was plain wood. I painted it and distressed it.
Ordered Kappa Delta symbols from Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.

We all do love "GA" - she was the best role model for moms, don't you agree 1965?

Pretty much, this is you Maffie! We love you to the moon and back!

Crazy enough we are always making that Scooby Doo sound for many of our family shenanigans. Growing up homemade pizza night was a must over the weekends. I think this is where Mary Frances learned to love the kitchen. 

I can't wait for you to get the Valentine and hang it up in your dorm! I had so much fun making the frame that I just wanted to blog about it. Keeping it real in 2019 - getting back in my studio for creating all art in all forms!