Friday, May 21, 2010

Paper Mache Mask

Hey There! I can't believe it is Friday! Wahoooo.....(only one more week of school!) So, I had the photos of some other mask that we had made and wanted to do a quick post on them. I love the colors. If you want to see the previous post about mask click here. Details of the lesson are located on the back post if you are interested. You can check out our link on Facebook here also. It is the end of school and I am a loyal poster to this blog....but I have to admit with one week of school left...this post from 1969 is short, sweet, simple and to the point!

Meet Mrs. Danford.....this is 1969's daughter in 2nd grade with Mrs. Danford - it was the Cinderella Ball....good times and great memories! One more Sweet-Happy for me....Mrs. Danford sent another email to me with this attached. We love Mrs. Danford and she is one of the BEST teachers EVER!!!! (Click here to see my other bloggings of Mrs. Danford)

Art Class with Mrs. Daniel at HCES
by Isabella 

          I like art class because we draw turtles.  We also get to paint self portraits.  We got to draw rainbow animals, too. 

          I like the art teacher, Mrs. Daniel, because she’s splendid.  She tells us what to do, and sometimes she helps me color.  I love art.  It’s my favorite subject!

On that note....sigh....Life is Good, God is Better and I LOVE ART! Hope you all have a safe weekend! 0x0x, Kim 1969

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