Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kindergarten Circus Production & The Cool ART (Lions, Elephants, Clowns and Snakes!)

Ok, so how cool do the LIONS look in the Production of the K Circus?????
Look at this setting! Amazing work on Kindergarten Teachers, Para-pros and Music Teacher!
Wow...look how way cool the stage turned out....
Such a great memory for these families...the art, the acting, the music!
Love These guys.....
The whole set... incredible job! So AWESOME to see all put together!
A few more shots for you to get the whole picture!
Close up of some of the art....
More ART!!!!!
The Backdrops....love the look of some of the elephants!
Below are the pieces of art that we did for the circus. I have already posted blogs on them, but for a little more detail click the links to see the post:  ELEPHANTS, LIONS, SNAKES,  AND CLOWNS

Summer is almost here! Thanks for dropping by....0x0x, Kim 1969

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