Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jasper Johns' Influenced Self-Portraits

Have you ever heard of Jasper Johns? If not check out this kid friendly spot, here. Well, 1965 has done 2 post on good old Jasper here and here, so I thought it was time to add some 1969 classroom art to this blog! Aren't these self-portraits cute with USA flag in the background!!!

Here is a little bit about Jasper: (
  • Born: 15 May 1930
  • Birthplace: Augusta, Georgia
  • Best Known As: The highly-paid artist who did Flag
Jasper Johns is an artist known for moving beyond Abstract Expressionism with the use of iconographic images such as flags, targets, letters and numbers. He grew up in South Carolina and headed to New York in the late 1940s to pursue an art career. Johns made a splash with a 1958 show, where his representations of bold, familiar images stirred some critics to proclaim his work an important break from abstract painting and, later, a forerunner to the pop art of Andy Warhol and others. Johns is also famous for being able to negotiate high prices for his work:Three Flags (1958) sold for $1.5 million in 1980; Out the Window (1958) sold in 1986 for $4.5 millionWhite Flag (1955) sold in 1998 for a reported $20 million; and False Start (1959) sold in 2006 for $80 million.

Ok, only a few more days left in school before we break for summer! Hang on....we can do it and get super charged with new blog material over the summer! Thanks for dropping by - 0x0x, Kim 1969