Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birdhouses, Mother-In-Law, Memories & Keepsake Art.....

These ceramic birdhouses were created by Bobo...The funky bird is one MaC found...aren't they ever so coolzy?
Ok, so MAY is that really crazy time of year that as a teacher and mom you function on only 24 hour time blocks! Can anyone out there relate to this? In my thought process, May is a lot like December x 2! You can tell that I am longing for summer because of all of the "To Do" list of I snapped these photos in MaC's yard over Easter....all I could think about was good old summer time weather! Now MaC is my mother-in-law...she is a combination of  Scarlett O'Hara, Emily Post and WEEZER (Shirley McClain in the movie Steel Magnolias) Hee HEe...ROFL (I mean a big ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING) just to aggravate her, I introduce her as my Monster-In-Law. I was doing that way before the movie with Jane Fonda came out! Anywho...MaC has the "art" talent too! She does like her some yard art! I know Mother's Day is coming up and here is a shout out to you MaC for always lending a helping hand down here in Tally with our family chaos! We sure do appreciate it! MaC has just recently joined Facebook.  She is just one HIP GRANNY these days!

MaC made this from MF's feet when she was just an itty bitty little girl! It is framed and hangs in her house now. I really like the colors in the feet prints.

This is one of my ALL time favorites. MF made this for MaC for Christmas when she was in Kindergarten, I love the handwriting!!!! Bless her heart she had 1/2 the letters in her dag-gum whole name! Shew....glad she can spell it all now! Anyway, the piece of art is a ceramic heart that MF painted. We had made handmade paper and we attached it all in a super funky mixed media way and framed it for MaC! 
Turned out really cute...

Well, MaC can make a MEAN coconut cake...isn't baking an art form too?

She does love to decorate for EVERY holiday she gets a chance to decorate for....those of you that know her are giggling now....

Her new love is is a birdbath in progress....Ohh La la....I already have one at my house and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

So, MaC this post is for you and all you do. Thanks for being there for Mary Frances at all of her chapels, flag football games, volleyball tournaments, horse lessons, carpools, crazy chaotic times....we are very thankful for the memories that you are creating with Mary Frances and the love of your arty-ness and hip granny style that you are passing on to her!
x0x0x, Kim 1969