Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Paper Towel Roll Photography, Digital Learning or Hybrid Classes

Have you noticed that most all students are interested in digital "cell" phone photography? Well, I have and I decided to tie the Clyde Butcher lesson found here with a quick lesson on photography for middle schoolers. One of the videos that I showed them was this one:
We took a paper towel roll and started taking photos through it. Then someone rolled up colored paper and did the same idea. Results were pretty cool! They just kept experimenting with them and put some on digital apps to alter. Here are a few of the results. Enjoy - hope it inspires you a bit too!

This was taken at the beach this summer by me as we were just goofing off...who knew that I would end up using this an a reference to one of my art lessons this year!
Some 8th grade students playing with the lesson - inside and outside gave very different results!


Friday, February 26, 2021

Maclay Upper School Chalk Walk 2021

Shout out to our Upper School Artists and teacher, Sarah Painter! She managed to create a fabulous event right here on campus for our students. Check out the pictures below...they sure are creative! They were working with Tallahassee Arts / COCA (Council on Culture and Arts) The students had to choose a theme - direction of this charge was inspiration of Florida artists. Each year we all look forward to seeing what is created! Thanks guys for allowing us to share your art!
We have blogged on this before:


Thursday, February 25, 2021

Clyde Butcher Photography Contest with Gadsden Museum of Art

Want to learn more about this artists? If so check out his website

How did he find his love of photography? Do you know? Well, it is all on his website. Check out Gadsden Arts Center and Museum. They have a wealth of information!

At Maclay School, we are fortunate to have a relationship with the Gadsden Museum of Art. They were so kind to send this information to us. This project was so successful, we are considering doing our own Photo Contest in conjunction with another event on campus. Stay tuned for that...

I was surprised when I introduced this to our students at how many way cool photos they had on their cell phones. Wow, I mean - very cool! I teach middle school and cell phones out in class are a big NO. But, I wrote this into my lesson plans and I am glad that I did!

During this pandemic, my schedule is not a normal one. I am a traveling art teacher using minimal supplies. This is a positive as I have tapped into a medium that I want to keep in the middle school curriculum. So, thanks Covid 19 for this, Ha!

Below are a two submissions from a few of my students. We have had many enter the contest, but these were just really impressive and I wanted to share them here. I think Rainy and Elise both did a jam up job on their entries...and they are both in 7th grade!

The information below was easy to follow. I screen shot and added here for you to see just how easy it is to work with this Museum!

The link is here to learn more about them:

Student Photo Competition Black & White Nature Photography


Thanks for stopping by and if you get a chance check out Clyde and the Gadsden Art Museum, you will be glad you did!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Kicks Collective Shoe Design Contest

Have you all heard of this? If not check it out. I was sent an email about offering this competition to our students. So, I did. This is what their Facebook page says...There is a powerful saying people use to express their appreciation for each other’s strengths and what differences they bring to the table. The saying is “Stronger Together.” In October of 2020, Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet (CEO of RUVOS) decided that he wanted to impact the lives of children near and far, using shoes as the focus. But how? He knew there were complex community issues needing support and awareness, but he was only one person. He then invited a diverse group of individuals and business owners to a table to share their expertise and ideas. Chirag Shah (The Current Agency), Jim Sherwood (The Canvas Project), Juan Vasquez (Ruvos), and Morgan Evers (Finacious) each arrived willing and ready to play a part. It was then The Kicks Collective came into reality. All five members are committed to working collectively to make an impact on arts, culture, and community by harnessing the power of shoes.

As of now, this is the UPDATE:

Update: We're excited to announce that we have received over 400 submissions for our shoe design contest! 🙌🏼 Because of that, we will be pushing our announcement for the winner to Monday, February 22nd. We want to properly go through each submission and decide who moves on to the final round. Be on the lookout for the next announcement on how to vote. Folks, we have some talented kids in our community. You should be proud! (The sunflower shoe was the winner)

We are happy to see the 7 finalist. Maclay School had 2! One was Layla in 6th grade and the other was Peyton in 10th grade.

Below are works in progress!

This is one of the 7 finalist!

The above is Peyton's submission! Pretty cool, right? She is in 10th grade at our school.

We had all of our divisions get in on the contest. Here are a few from Upper School.

They provided the template below:
Directions were clear and easy to follow!