Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caricatures (And a sweet note that made my heart swell!)

Have you ever taught this lesson? If not, give it a shot. Easy one day lesson to wind down the year with and it is totally educational. I know here at HCES the students have to do a biography report in lower school on USA Presidents. Well, guess what....all of them have a Caricature!!! Yep, it is true. Just Google it and hit images. I taught the students about  the history of Caricatures which date back to the 16th century in Italy but were really popular in the 1800's for making political comments about the government. They are still popular today for that reason and for fun. Kathleen Krull illustrated her books using Caricatures of famous Artist, Musicians, and Sports people. 

A Caricature has a large head and small body. The students used this idea to make a Caricature of themselves. We used what we learned about drawing faces and body proportions from other grade levels as our curriculum spirals from one year to the next. The pictures are hilarious!!!! If you go to Artsonia and search caricatures...lots of information comes up for examples to share with your kids. I really liked showing my students the examples of some high school students. Give it a! 

Ok, I get this email from a second grade teacher...and she does these super cool memory books for her class each year. A child wrote about art class for the book. Ahhhh....sweet sweet end to a great year! (The teacher is Mrs. Danford, click here....we have already blogged about how much we love love love her!!!!)

Art Class With Mrs. Daniel
by Shaelyn 

          My favorite special area is Art.  We do lots of projects like the painting of turtles swimming under the sea.  Some people made them have baby turtles with them.  We also made a painting with a big snowman, or maybe even a baby one!  Last, we made kites.  We had to make the pictures even.

          I love art because I love to draw.  I also love art because I love doing crafts.  At the end when I have finished what I needed to do I feel proud.  Mrs. Daniel has the best art class ever!

Happy Wonderful Day! xoxo, KIM 1969

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  1. hey sista...these are coolzy...never thot about teaching it...never thot about a bunch of stuff...