Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's gifts....(and my mom)

Yep, it is that time of year. May - what a busy month! In a school you have so much going on from May 1 until you get out for summer. The above photos are of some room-mom gifts for Kindergarten. You see, the HCES art room has this super cool glass kiln and we use it all the time....not just for our class projects but also a way for us to thank those that have been ROOM-MOMS this year in Kindergarten!

From the photos you can see that we have calling cards with The Art Bungalow written on them - if ya ever need any of these then go to Vista Print. I figure if it something that is handmade from the Art Room then the Art Room should get some good PR out of it right and it is all about the packaging!!!!

I can't believe it is Mother's Day 2010! I am so happy that I am a mother. I do love my mom...she is a one of a kind. Ya know...I think she is the strongest person that I know of...she is emotionally strong and has an 
unbelievable FAITH! 1965 and I are both really blessed to call her Mama! She rocks...and is a fabulous grandma too. Did I mention that she can fry up so good squash and green tomatoes! Yeppers - she can (I think that is an art form too - it is just a southern art form...kinda like drinking sweet tea and eatin' boiled p-nuts!!! 

"GA" this post is for you - thanks for always believing in us and managing to raise us to be confident individuals that are comfortable in our own skin....I think you are one of the main reasons that we love art and life so much! I draw now on lessons from you in raising MF. I am glad that we can talk, laugh, vent and cry together ----that is what keeps it real and helps us to make those life long memories

Happy Mother's Day 2010 - xoxo, Kim 1969