Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Got A Good Vibe In This College House

Yup, I am still working on some art during this pandemic. It is a win win for our family. Here is why, I can do it and 1969's daughter needs some cool college art on her walls in her house in Memphis! I found the window at Hobby Lobby. Took it home and washed blue paint over it. Created basic alcohol glasses with sharpie and watercolor. Simple...but could be a conversation piece, right?
These watercolors were added.
Here is the line up.
A little close up.
Like the blue!

Georgia likes to hang out in the studio with me too!
When I think college songs, I think Luke Bryan nails them! Thought this would  perfect with this post. I will do a follow up as I melted a Vincent Van Gogh Vodka bottle that will be hung in the house too! Ya know...keeping it groovey with an old school Athens vibe back in the early 1990s or late 80s.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Beer Pong Table...Daniel-Cochran Style! Thanks MaC for the help =)

 When your 21 year old college senior wants help with an art project...what do you do? Call Ghostbusters? Nah...we called MaC and made a road trip to Memphis! Yes, this artsy fartsyness runs deep in our blood on both sides of the family! We like to art and we like to dance =)

MaC was turning 79, so we decided to pack up and head to Memphis and help 1969's daughter out. I guess she wants to have a way super cool Beer Pong Table for a Darty! Ok, we will help ya out.
 The blog is pretty self explantory!
 I wanted to post details of some of the specific pieces on the table.
MaC and Maffie hard at work! 
Murray just wanting attention. 
Mural Break...we stopped to clean ourselves us and take a few photos to document the Birthday week of MaC. 
 We never have photos of us...
 I am diggin' the style of this mural.
 The bird was so super cool.
 Check out the details on those nails.
MaC striking a pose. 
 Sun was bright in this spot.
 This graffiti has a great vibe, don't ya think?
 Art Studio for the week.
 Getting our art on....
 We were getting those base colors down.
 Yes, Georgia made the drive with us.
 Birthday appetizers for our arrival made by Mary Frances.
 Yes, she likes to entertain and cook.
 PS: MaC made the tray above. Mosaics are her thing.
 Such a fun meal.
 Baked Brie.
 Happy Birthday Mini Bundt  Cakes.
 How about a few homemade strawberry macaroons with lemon filling?
These were addictive.
 Our favorite family in Memphis dropped by to check in with us.
Very grateful for this family...
Baby Juniper has a "free" baby sitter just down the road a bit.
 On Facebook and Snapchat this was a video. Yes, MaC has never played beer pong. She made it on her first try. I kid you not...luck?!?!
 The final product.
Ignore the bad words...
Gen Z had potty mouths! Just sayin'
 Planning our Birthday take out meal.
When your mom is not an art teacher...sometimes these struggles are real.
Sara was a good sport. (Tee Hee) 
 See all good...those patterns turned out nicely.
 Thankful for such a cool house.
 Again, is all good!
 Getting that pattern on....
 Arial View...
 Oh all the details took awhile to do but it was so worth it.
 Rage Cage = Gossip Girl Font
 Beer Pong = FRIENDS font
If you sit on a Home Depot Bucket get a towel. Trust me... Your Bootimus Tootimus will appreciate it. 
 Again, Coach have been a blessing in our life! Now it is our turn to help spoil that little nugget of yours.
 Take note of Murray...bhahahahaha
 Yes, Art Teacher daughter had a plan.
We executed it pretty good with a few minor changes.
 Funny - but those dumb things are DANGEROUS...
 I spy with my little eye some Sponge Bob art...
 Thanks Delaney for the funky Flowers.
A little country never hurt anyone. 
Like our warm color gradation?  
 Solo Cups...
What does that even mean?
Private Jokes
Funnies between friends.
Making memories.... 
 Yup, Sara nailed that logo!
WE really liked the teal outline on the letters... 
 Grandma and Granddaughter getting their artsy groove on together.
 Delaney, you were a big help! We appreciate your sense of humor.
 Take note of tarp under the table...yes, you need one if you paint inside.
 Mary Frances and Sara taking a break from our art project. 
 We do love hats, do you?
 This is the look I get frequently from my mother in law.
She just puts up with my shenanigans. 
I told her to do something crazy...this is the look I got!
 Classic mother and daughter...
Can you hear the convo?
What do you think I am saying to make MF create that face?
 We do like our sunglasses too!
 Roomates just missing Peyton...but maybe she will be around when we paint the corn hole games. 
 The process took about 3 days.
All hands in...
 We would work on different places while others dried.
 What is your favorite one?
 That Corona Crown was tedious.
Not sure NIKE would approve. 
The beginning of the lips... 
 Details and a new brush for this part.
 Always have a hair dryer handy.
 Cool colors.
 Making progress.
 Paper plates came in handy for this project.
 We stored paint in these containers.

 Don't forget to sand the plastic table and prime the table. 
Once you are finished you will need 2 coats of Polyurethane. This will seal the art on the table. BE sure to have a roll of painters tape on hand. Thanks for dropping by...