Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peter Diem Art Club - COWS

Art Club meets once a week  in the Middle School Art Room 3:15-4:15 
These cows are from Peter Diem.
This year's theme is we are doing mini unit studies on selected ARTIST

Click here for our last blog on Peter Diem
Each one shows such individualized personality =)
Love the thought process behind this one. Gotta LOVE 'Merica!
Some like to cover the whole sheet of paper
Some only wanted to do penicl drawings with details.
Love the stripes and big eyes!
A template of the COW can be found on this website

We used 9 x 12 Card Stock (Beige)
Oil Pastels
Reference Sheets
Played music and got our ART on for an hour!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wigged Out!

So need a colorful lesson on teaching lines?
How about the book, Wig, written by The B-52s with pictures by Laura Levine?
How did I teach the lesson?
I talked about attending the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia.  I explained to the kids that The B-52s started a music explosion in the town of Athens.  I also talked about the many times that I had seen The B-52s in concert.  After many questions, I asked the kids were they ready to meet The B-52s.
Then, I showed The B-52s Wig video from late 1980s.
Kids cracked up on this video, but they ended up singing along.

Then, I read the book below that I got on Ebay.  Since I had showed the video, the kids were able to easily follow along as I read. 

When I opened the book up, I see the book says, "To Samantha-WIG OUT! Hey Samantha, Love, Kate".  Hey, my name is not Samantha, but I sure do like the cool PEACE necklace drawn by Kate.  Kids were a bit concerned that I had Samantha's book. 

I gave kids a sheet with examples of some of the wigs.
Once I got the kids started painting, I played The B-52s music.  Fun stuff!

Kids drew their people with wigs in pencil.
Kids went over the pencil with a sharpie.
Kids began painting the background.

The kids painted the foreground.

One kid copied Kate's PEACE necklace.

Here we are, all wigged out!

This last one reminds me of Kate.  There is a lot of red paint and the lips appearing to be singing or making the "dog-fish" sound in Rock Lobster.

To continue the tradition of Athens music, my daughter has been immersed with all the old stuff since she was a young child.  Now a senior in college, she invited me to go with her to see Kate Pierson of The Bs at The Georgia Theatre in Athens this summer.  This was a great mother-daughter concert. 

We had to be first in line to get this awesome pic of Kate playing the guitar.

Kate and her Bs are one fun band.  One reason that I loved sharing about The Bs is because they just did their own thing.  They were individuals shining and being happy doing fun music making others happy.  As a teacher,  all I really want to do is help make the kids grow up to be...