Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Clay Wall Pockets With A Theme

Have you ever used the slab roller to make clay wall pockets? These were a blast to make. Students chose their theme and created accordingly. They were shown lots of techniques in clay and encouraged to use as many as they were able to incorporate. Just a quick post during this crazy holiday season!


Shrinky, but not Dinky Christmas Ornaments

1969 and I have been shrinking down art and making ornaments for years. This year I had my 3rd graders do some Christmas Art.  Then, I let elves shrink it down...Or so that is what I told these kids.  

So how did this happen?


The kids do some Christmas Art.
The Elves use a copy machine and shrink the 9 x 12 paper down.  25% is the number that usually works.
The Elves cut the art down.  They use a paper cutter to make sure the art is straight.  This art will be on trees for years to come.  The art needs to look it's best.

The Elf slip the reduced art into thermal laminator pouches.

The Elves have a laminator like this at The North Pole.  The elves run the art in the pouch through the laminator.

The Elves punch a hole in the laminated pouch.

The Elves put wire on one side of the pouch.
Here is the wire that the Elf uses.
12 gauge or 18 gauge wire works best
The kids put pony beads on the wire.
The Beads are 6 x 8 mm

The helpful teacher elf sticks the wire through the other hole and finishes it up!


💚, 1965


Monday, December 14, 2020

The Clay Baby Jesus Ornament WINS!

The Clay Baby Jesus Ornament happened because my first project bombed.  You may ask, "What was the first project?"
This was the first project:

To me, the coil Christmas Tree Project seemed simple enough.  You roll out snakes.  You stack the snakes.  You slip and score the Christmas ornaments on tree.  Uh, no.  Not simple.  Maybe it was me.  Maybe it was the fourth graders.  Sometimes, you got to just chunk it in the trash and restart.  

In the following week, I had found a great little project that seemed perfect.  And, it was just that!


I rolled slabs and cut circles.
The kids made Baby Jesus.
The kids slipped and scored.
I fired.
The kids painted.
I put their name and year on the ornaments and glued the wire on back.


I love this project.  I will continue to do it with fourth grade until the end.  Hopefully, 30+ Baby Jesus will be hanging in 30+ homes on December 25.

Glad Clay Baby Jesus won.  Again.

💓💚, 1965