Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, May 29, 2020

Covid-19 Shelter In Place Medical School Graduation

Covid-19 has taken away lots of celebrations from all of us.  In my world, my daughter, Callie, has been impacted in a big way.
You see, Callie finally reached the end of medical school.  The end of approximately 22 years of school called for a huge celebration.
Callie started school at 4 and went through 14 years to graduated from The Westfield School in Perry, Ga.  After Westfield, she attended The University of Georgia for 4 years.  Once she was accepted to medical school, she attended The Medical College of Georgia for 4 more years.  
We were so excited about the end of her school journey.
When Covid-19 hit, it wiped out our plans for Match Day.  What is Match Day?  Well, Match Day is a celebration with the entire medical school class.  After months of interviewing across the country, the students find out what school that they have matched with to do residency.  Covid-19 robbed Callie and her doctor friends of Match Day.  We celebrated, though.  
Next, The Medical College of Georgia declared that there would be an online graduation for the 2020 students.
Folks, MEDICAL SCHOOL GRADUATION IS A HUGE DEAL!  I had to make it special.  Here is what I did with the help of some of my friends.

Graduation Day!

Callie Arrives!

What next?
How to Hood...Dad and Callie had to practice the for The Hooding Ceremony.

Here we go!  The Official Hooding Ceremony!

Next, food, of course!

Once we were full of food and a little champagne, we headed in the house to watch the pre-recorded video for the medical school graduates.  The video was nice.  Callie enjoyed watching some of her professors express their congratulations to the students.  Callie's roommate Miller, was president of the class.  Miller gave an awesome speech to her classmates.  Also, each student was recognized with their residency location.

Once the pomp and circumstance was over, we headed out on parade.  We had a huge sign on back of this jeep that read "Dr. Caroline Cochran Ray, Graduation Day!  Dr. Caroline Cochran Ray is in This Jeep!"

I drove Callie around our community.  We rode by the house of friends and former teachers.  Lots of people honked their horns to express their congratulations to Callie.

The Parade Begins!

Some little people sing a tribute to Callie!

Stopping by Morning by Morning Coffee to see The Clevelands!  Best Little Coffee Shop in Perry, GA!

Once the parade was over, we took some pictures.  This was my favorite!

You have a medical school graduate.
Heading out into the medical field in the midst of a global pandemic.
And honestly, there was no official pomp and circumstance.
What was it?
It was being creative and finding the positive in a circumstance beyond our control.  Callie will not have memories of walking across a stage receiving a diploma from her professors and medical administration.  She will have memories of her friends and family loving her through this milestone.  Here is some REAL Good LOVING by Callie's fav band, The Grateful Dead!


Friday, May 22, 2020

Distant Learning - Choice Board Week 7: Eye Installation

I am now in week 9 of my Distance Learning lessons. We have submitted our grades for Q4. These were completed a few weeks ago. I think the lesson is self explanatory. I hope this will help someone else needing a lesson to have several examples for references. I am proud of the way my students showed up for this choice! Enjoy...

How did we get a handle on Distance Learning and how to teach art, you ask? Well, we looked to our Online Art Teacher Friends. Yes, they are in our #PLN. (Personal Learning Network) I need for each of you reading this to know that art teachers are unbelievably gracious at sharing and lending a helping hand. These groups online have been pivotal in me making a fluid transition from on campus art to online art. I can't name everyone who I have "borrowed" lessons from throughout this process so I just wanted to do a blanket statement here. YOU ALL ARE THE BOMBDIGGITY!!!! 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Soul Sister Daughter Gettin' In Her Artsy Groove...It Runs In The Family!

Yup, Mary Frances is in between sessions. As she waits for summer school to start, she is doing a few artsy things around her house! Murray got a new outside steam punk water bowl. She took it a few steps farther and created a "DARTY SZN" trash can. Looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree. She was great about sending pictures to document the process. I must admit, I do love the colors.

Ignore the bad word...Gen Z uses it like an adjective. 
Gen X - not so much!

Murray, our GrandDOG learned to swim a few weeks ago!

The process

And we love us some Graffiti 

As dear daughter approaches her college senior year...she is going in with true authentic intention!

Murray has been with her a little over a year and we just all love this little pup! The photo is from her stay with us for the weekend. She learned to swim and loved the pool!

I'd like to think that our relationship is a cross between Gilmore Girls and Dharma and Greg. If you aren't familiar with Dharma and Greg look it up. 

The below is one of her favorite songs....stay tuned for more college house updates!