Friday, November 3, 2023

North Florida Fair Art Submissions (Cathy Hicks: Maclay Lower School)

Hey Lower School Art Friends and other Art Blogger enthusiast! 

Thanks for dropping by to check out this year's Maclay Lower School art entries into the North Florida Fair! Love that Mrs. Hicks and I get to post these pieces of art for the Art Show. We are very proud of our students here at Maclay. We have 4 art teachers and each art teacher is allowed to submit 25 pieces. Think about that! We will have 100 pieces of art representing our Visual Arts Department here at Maclay. Wowzy, pretty cool, huh!  Our art projects represent K-12 grades. Take a look...below is only lower school. We thought this would be a great way for parents and family to see the art. We added other links at the bottom, so you can view past submissions. 

This year we have a wide variety of art representing different mediums and a variety of subject matter. Scroll down and check them out!

Below you can view the Maclay Middle School Entries for 2023-2024:

Thank you all for dropping by...stay tuned for more details and results from this years North Florida Fair Art Show! Remember if you attend and decide to take photos please send them to Mrs. Hicks via email

1969 and Mrs. Hicks (aka...our guest blogger)

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