Tuesday, November 15, 2022

North Florida Fair Art and Maclay Visual Arts 2022

Proud of our Maclay Artists! We had a stellar year at the fair. We entered 94 pieces

Here is the Break Down:
Best in Show: 1
1st place: 19
2nd place: 16
3rd place: 15
4th place: 9
5th place: 4
Honorable Mention: 9

Not bad for 4 art teachers. Proud of my team and our students. 
We have blogged on the North Florida Fair Art before and results for Maclay School. See below:

You can learn more about this art show here:

This has never happened - but this piece of pie was missing. We are in the process of locating it. We think it might have been stuck to another piece of art.

Thanks for stopping by but most of all thank you to all of the folks out there that support the arts - y'all are the bombdiggity!


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