Monday, November 27, 2023

Full Moon on Halloween - Candy Wrapper Realism: A Spooky Pop Art Adventure

Objective: Create realistic drawings of candy wrappers inspired by pop art themes under a Halloween full moon atmosphere, followed by an enjoyable treat for the students.

Materials Needed:

  • Assorted candy (with colorful wrappers)
  • Drawing paper or sketch pads
  • Pencils, erasers, and sharpeners
  • Colored pencils or markers (optional)
  • Reference images of candy wrappers or actual wrappers
  • Dim lighting or flashlight to create a moonlit atmosphere (optional)

Lesson Steps:

1.    Introduction (5 minutes):

·         Set the Halloween mood by dimming the lights or using a flashlight to create a moonlit ambiance (optional). This was calming as we were really dealing with full moon behavior.

·         Introduce the art project: drawing realistic representations of candy wrappers, inspired by pop art themes, while embracing the Halloween atmosphere with a full moon.

2.    Discussion on Pop Art and Realism (5 minutes):

·         Briefly discuss pop art themes, emphasizing bright colors, bold lines, and everyday objects as inspirations for artworks.

·         Introduce the concept of realism in art, explaining how artists strive to depict objects realistically.

3.    Drawing Session (25-30 minutes):

·         Distribute drawing materials and reference images of candy wrappers or actual candy for inspiration.

·         Encourage students to observe the textures, colors, and details of their chosen candy wrappers and begin sketching the wrappers realistically on their paper.

·         Guide them on how to capture the details, shine, and texture of the wrappers, while incorporating elements of pop art if desired (bright colors, bold lines, etc.).

4.    Optional Coloring (5 minutes):

·         For an additional pop art touch, students can use colored pencils or markers to enhance their candy wrapper drawings, amplifying the vibrancy and pop art elements.

5.    Discussion and Sharing (5 minutes):

·         Once completed, allow students to share their artworks, discussing the choices they made in their drawings, and how they incorporated pop art elements into their realistic candy wrapper depictions.

6.    Treat Time (10 minutes):

·         As a Halloween treat and a continuation of the theme, allow students to enjoy the candies whose wrappers they have drawn, connecting the art activity to a sweet reward. *This was a one day lesson.

Conclusion: The Halloween-themed art lesson of drawing realistic candy wrappers under a full moon setting, coupled with a discussion on pop art themes, offers students an opportunity to merge realism and creativity inspired by everyday objects. By embracing the Halloween atmosphere and enjoying the treats they've depicted, students can revel in the fun and excitement of the holiday while exploring artistic expressions.

What a day! We just embraced the holiday craziness, 1969

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