Thursday, November 16, 2023

Update On North Florida Fair Art Submissions

Celebrating Success at the North Florida Art Show!

We are thrilled to congratulate each one of our artists for their outstanding achievements at the North Florida Art Show. Their dedication, creativity, and exceptional talents were showcased brilliantly, earning us a collection of well-deserved ribbons and accolades.

These ribbons proudly speak volumes about their remarkable artistic abilities and commitment to their craft. Participation and success in this event are a testament to the depth of talent within our art community at Maclay School with or without a ribbon just being chosen to represent our school and the Visual Arts Department is an honor.

And the results are listed below:

 2 Best In Shows (LS)

1st place ribbons = 15

2nd place ribbons = 12

3rd place ribbons = 7

4th place ribbons = 14

5th place ribbons = 5

Honorable Mentions = 6

This remarkable achievement emphasizes why it's crucial for us to enter and participate in such contests. Not only does it provide a platform for showcasing their exceptional work, but it also inspires and motivates us to continuously strive for artistic excellence in our teaching methodologies as we keep up with the ever-changing trends in the arts.

This was an unexpected post, but thought it was worth the share to this budding artist! Goes to show just never know who your art will speak too!

We love to show the students work in progress and a few behind the scenes excitement leading up to this art show!

We encourage families that go to the show to please send us photos of their students at the event. See below. Grateful for our families here at Maclay!

Yes, Lower School earned 2 Best In Shows:

Humanities Class was involved with photography:

1969 was the Pick up gal...Yes, that is me and I was so super excited that I kept sending photos in our Visual Arts Text...see below!

Our student’s passion, hard work, and artistic vision have shone brightly, making us immensely proud. Each ribbon earned is a testament to their creativity, skill, and dedication to the arts. Maclay Visual Arts achievements at the North Florida Art Show have added yet another glorious chapter to our art community's success story here on our 1000 acres.

Congratulations once again on this fantastic accomplishment to our students and all of our Art Teachers! Keep nurturing your artistic passions, and let this success inspire you all to reach for even greater heights in your creative journey.

Appreciate you stopping by to check out the post! Can't wait until next year and all the artistic excitement that this event brings - 1969

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