Monday, November 20, 2023

Shrinky Dinks With The 2 Soul Sisters Summer Art Camp

Shrinky Dinks are magical.  We did these back in the 1970s.  We always loved watching them shrink!

How did it go down?

We got some shrinky dink paper from Amazon.  Click HERE for Amazon to get Shrinky Dink Paper
We cut the paper down just a tad.
The kids used markers to color.
If you are making a bookmark, make sure you punch a hole in the Shrinky Dink Paper.
Then, we shrunk with a hairdryer and a heat gun.
Folks, this is trial and error.  You do a few and figure it out before you do a REAL piece of kid's art!

The kids loved watching their art shrink...And so did we!

Hair Dryer and Heat Gun


Here is the result!

💙, 1965


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