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Thank you Bobo for teaching us to love a sunset and sunrise!

One thing our Dad (Bobo) taught us to appreciate was the beauty in the sunset and the sunrise. I think 1965 summed it up best on her Facebook post. I have copied and pasted below.

Karen Cochran Ray to Bob Cochran
22 hrs ·
Bob Cochran Bobo, teach me how to be fun, how to make pottery, how to take crazy pictures, how to opaque negatives, how to drive a Chevy LUV truck, how to find arrowheads, how to be creative, how to love music, how to dance, how to be caring to other people, how to share my talent with others, how to throw a party, how to fix a mess, and how to L O V E. ‪#‎HappyFathersDay‬ Kimberly Cochran Daniel Callie Ray Rob Ray Mary Frances Daniel
1969's Daughter summed it up too in  her Facebook post:

Mary Frances Daniel added 2 new photos — with Bob Cochran and Kimberly Cochran Daniel.
22 hrs ·
happy Father's Day you two. thank you for all of your words of encouragement throughout the years. hope y'all have a great one
To be married to an Art Teacher is quite an undertaking - you all get it. We just don't do things like other wives and mother's do. We are more open minded and progressive. I think that is what makes our own kids extremely well rounded, independent and confident in this crazy world we live in. I guess you could say thaat our kids are very comfortable in their own skin. Being a Dad of 2 art teachers says a lot about our Dad =) (and mom too)
This man has shown us unconditional love with all of our shenanigans throughout the years. Now he is the full care taker of our mom. Every time I see them together I feel so very blessed to call them our parents.

As I sit at the beach on my wifi hotspot I just have to giggle at my father. We all spent Father's Day at the beach together. This was a special treat as my mom has Alzheimers.  We have been able to spend time together like we use to before we grew up. I was thinking of just not blogging today and then I ran across this article on The Art Of Ed and decided to reshare it


15 Reasons Why the Dads of Art Teachers are the Best

3 days ago
The role of an art teacher should come with the description of a repairman. How often are you teaching a class and a student you don’t even have in class comes to you in need of a repair? From stains to ripped clothing to project construction, the art room becomes a non-stop fix-it shop. While I don’t always have the permanent fix, I can usually come up with a temporary solution to get a student through the rest of the day.
sign that says "Dad's Rock"
I attribute this handyman mentality to my own father. To this day, he is still able to fix anything I bring his way. Many of the skills my dad taught me have translated to my art room. From construction and grit to problem-solving and patience, these useful skills have come in handy in any number of situations.
This Father’s Day goes out to all the dads of art teachers! Thank you for embracing our wild ideas, supporting us even when you didn’t understand, and for always being there to lend a helping hand. The AOE team shared some of their fondest memories of their dads’ influence on them as an art teacher. Please chime in and tell us about your amazing dad!

15 Reasons Why the Dads of Art Teachers are the Best

Sign that says dad with tools and crayons
  1. “Thanks for using your office as my personal art gallery when we ran out of space everywhere else.”
  2. “For all the power tools you taught me to use that have enabled me to ‘MacGyver’ almost anything in my classroom. You were right, you can’t learn anything with your hands in your pockets.”
  3. “Growing up on a farm, my dad taught me the value of the ordinary. There is beauty in all things around us, and that is now a practice I share with my students each and every day.”
  4. “Thank you for the time you let me construct a float on your truck for the town parade. Your carpentry skills brought my vision of building a giant, old-fashioned school house to life!”
  5. “Thank you, Dad, for going with me to Home Depot to hunt for art supplies. I’m sorry to say I know the store even better than you do now.”
  6. “Thanks for keeping my ‘beautiful’ second-grade clay project on your desk for 20+ years.”
  7. “Thanks for coming to realize that teaching art is my passion and that it doesn’t really matter how much money I make, as long as I love what I do.”
  8. “Thanks for not getting THAT mad when I dug up the entire sandbox looking for clay. (Which, by the way, I found, and made a pinch pot out of.)”
  9. “Thank you for never batting an eye when I said I wanted to major in Studio Art and Education. Your support at that point and ever since has always meant the world to me.”
  10. “I thank my dad for always being supportive of my crazy ideas and helping teach me how to use power tools safely. He never said no, he just showed me how.”
  11. “My dad taught me to think. He was a tinkerer before it was trendy and I loved to work alongside him as a little girl. He helped me learn to brainstorm solutions to everyday issues or find ideas to solve life’s problems, and to never underestimate the power of duct tape.”
  12. “Thank you for embracing my love for painting at a young age. But I still don’t understand why you thought I would have that same love for painting the house, ceilings, and fence!”
  13. “Thank you, Dad, for always fueling my creativity. From finding treasures at garage sales to cleaning out your parents’ farm, you’d save unusual objects like oil and cream cans for me to transform.”
  14. “Remember that time I dyed my hair blue? I know you hated it, but thanks for letting me do it anyway!”
  15. “Thank you for teaching me I could do it all. From coaching my basketball team to helping me build canvases in the garage. You taught me the importance of living a well-balanced life!”
Thank you to all those who shared. Don’t forget to tell your dad how much you appreciate him this Sunday!
How did your dad support your journey to becoming an art teacher?
If you’re a dad, what special artsy things do you share with your own children? Share with us in the comments below!

Teaching us to respect each other, love one another, do the right thing, fish, hunt, laugh, dance, smile, visit nursing homes, take flowers to the grave yard, sing to Elvis, work at the Printing Shop, develop negatives, run the collator, support our career choices, I could go on and on....

Thanks for everything being a Dad is a TRUE ART FORM!


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