Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Warm Sun and the Cool Sea

The Sun and the Sea Art project was done by 6th Grade.   
Kids paint warm colors with acrylic paint on paper in one class period.  Most kids enjoyed blending the warm colors.
The next class period, kids paint cool colors with acrylic paint on paper.
The third class period, the kids will cut the paper into triangles and begin arranging on a sheet of paper.  The size of their project will vary according to the skill of the student. The students started off with the same size paper, but we adjusted the paper size as they progressed.  Once they get a general outline of the sun and the sea, they began gluing the triangles on the paper.  
Kids finished the project on the fourth day by finishing gluing the triangles.

All the kids were very successful with this project!  I liked the results.  The sun and sea project made a grade display in the hall during the month of May.

"Island In The Sun" by Weezer coming at you! 


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