Monday, June 27, 2016

What Can Daddy's Little Girl Give Dad? 2 Blue Doggies!

Callie's dad got 2 Blue Doggies for Father's Day.  Was it a George Rodrigue influence?  Was it Angela Alexander influence?  Who and What inspired Callie?  Read below to find out the doggone truth!

You see, Daddy's little doggies have always liked Callie.  As you notice in the photo below, Callie has not always felt the same way towards Daddy's doggies.

 In early June of 2016, Callie and I took a Mother/Daughter trip to Asheville, North Carolina. During our visit, we went to the River Arts District.  The River Arts District Click here for more info is a pretty amazing place for the art lover.  Anyway, we came upon the cool work of Angela Alexander.  Have a look at her work
Callie and I both loved her fun art.  While we were there, I told Callie that Dad would love a painting of our dogs, Blue and Barley.  I told Callie she should attempt the painting and give it to Dad for Father's Day.  And so, Callie was inspired by Angela Alexander's Art in the River Arts District.
Callie is Daddy's little girl.  In the pictures below, you can see the love of a daddy for his little girl.  He is one of those men that looks ahead, clears the way, and helps make a path for his girl.  Over the past 22 years, he has held her, ran ahead of her, and walked with her to get Callie to a happy and safe place.    
Once we returned from our mother/daughter trip (fun trip), Callie began the Father's Day painting. 
 Step One:
I suggest choosing a canvas that will fit into your car.  I purchased the large canvas at the local Hobby Lobby.  After making the purchase, I realized the canvas would not fit in my car. I do recall my very dear friend mentioning a concern about the canvas size before I pulled out the cash for payment.  As always, I ignored such negative thought to be a possibility because it just had to fit.  I do not recall hearing stories of Jackson Pollock or Pablo Picasso encountering problems with artwork transport.  Why should I?  Fortunately, I relied on that same very dear friend to hold the canvas on the right side as I held it on the left side on the top of my car, as we cruised about 10 miles down a very busy road at no more than 40 miles per hour.  Sorry, no picture because my hands were totally occupied!  I can assure you, we got some looks!
Step Two:
Getting a picture of the dogs was about as bad as getting the canvas transported.  Finally, we gave up.  Callie took about 200 pictures and used the program Paint to get a complete picture.
Step Three:
We were pushed for time.  Callie used a projector and got the details drawn on a 4 ft x 4 ft canvas.  She drew them with a pencil and went over with a sharpie.

Step Four:
Callie began the painting process.  She relied on the picture to carve in the details with paint.  A big thanks to her high school art teacher, Laura Harrison, for teaching her "how to" blend colors!
Why did she choose greens and blues?  Well, her dad loves the color green.  I have to think George Rodrigue's Blue Dog influenced the dog color.  George Rodrigue passed away in 2013, but his amazing Blue Dog Art and influence lives on!  Have a look
Callie started with Barley.  He is actually a chocolate lab.  A blue dog is much more interesting that a brown dog, right?
Then, she began painting our other dog, Blue.  Yep, his name is Blue.  Someone actually left Blue in a buggy in the Walmart parking lot with all his siblings.  Sad, but true story.  Blue Ray has been the best guard dog a family could ask for! 

Step Five:
Here is the unveiling for Dad!

He's a happy Dad.  He gives Callie his best hug and admires his large, Callie-made, blue dog art!
Here is the final artwork of the 2 blue dogs.  Done and Done!
The last picture is one with my two favorite dogs, the Georgia Bulldogs!  As of May 2016, they are both alums of the University of Georgia.
Friends, time flies.  Like Crosby, Stills & Nash sing, "Teach your children well.  The past really is just a good bye."

"The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye
The story of love is hello and goodbye
Until we meet again"

-Jimi Hendrix last words in a poem found next to him on his deathbed.

For the music lover, teaching your children includes passing on respect for the great Jimi Hendrix.  On a recent family vacation to Seattle, Washington, we traveled an extra hour to see Jimi's grave in Renton, Washington.
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  1. Well I wuv it!! I've been there with those bigger than car canvases...had to go get my truck :-) Way to go on the blue dogs Callie!

    1. Thanks Vicki!...I think you had some influence on Callie too!...Thanks for the kind comments...Now and over the years!...