Friday, June 3, 2016

I Caught A Lightning Bug on PAPER!

Lightning Bugs make me think of my younger days....To pass on a little bit of the 70s hippie child activities to this generation, I could not pass up this lightning bug art activity with my 2nd graders. 
I printed copies of the Mason Jar that I found at Sweetly Scrapped!
Thanks to Emily Vincent for the awesome printables!  If you are into scrapbooks (I'm not, but...), I found Emily's shop on Etsy.

We talked about lightning bugs or Fireflies.  Since most my kids have access to the country on a warm summer night, they had all seen lightning bugs.
The kids wrote their names on their jars with sharpies.
They drew their bugs, sticks, and just stuff.
Some chose to swipe a little yellow tempera around their bugs.  Whatever ý'all, it is the end of the year.
Then, the kids finished up with oil pastels.



Fun project to "shine the light on" the wide open possibilities on a summer night in rural Georgia.

Hey, I found a few Lightning Bug apps for the techy kids with no access to country life.  Whatever works!
Here is Jake BUGG singing "LIGHTNING Bolt".


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