Thursday, June 16, 2016

Maclay Middle School Art Photo Challenge

We have posted on this before at the link below:
You know you have had a successful photo challenge when The National Gallery of Art Likes one of your tweets...EEEK!!!

I think these kids nailed this lesson! If you have a social media on Instagram check out the hash tag #maclaytakesdc

Washington, DC 7th grade Maclay Middle School Art Photo Challenge

  • Students Email photos to
  • Adults Text them to (Kim Daniel’s Cell)
  • All photos will be downloaded and placed on The Middle School Art’s Webpage and placed in a photo gallery titled Art Photo Challenge 7th Grade Trip to National Gallery of Art

If you post on your social media, please use  #maclaytakesdc and tag Maclay School =)

How creative can you get?????

  • Group photos in front of famous art, architecture, historical places & sculptures
  • Selfies in front of famous art
  • Group photos (The more the merrier)
  • Friend Selfies
  • Imitating Sculptures
  • Ice Skating (Oh this is a must)
Good Luck, I am so super excited to see what you all can create =)
Creatively, Mrs. Daniel – Maclay Middle School Art Teacher

Have you ever done a photo challenge? If so, post in comments. We would love to hear about them from you. - 1969

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