Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Art Camp, Art Club, Art Lesson: Watercolor Silhouettes

We have blogged on watercolor silhouettes before see link below:
The dinosaur silhouette reminds me of the Flintstones cartoons from my childhood.

In the one above, we used salt on wet watercolor to create a cool texture effect.
Nice lesson to teach basic perspective.
Wet on wet colors that bleed into one another is another effect to focus on during this particular lesson.
Experimenting with the sky!
This one was so nice, all I could think of was a card to mail someone.

Yes, I teach middle school and I am on a 9 week wheel. I teach some lessons each 9 weeks and some I change up and alter. I have posted on these before, but I was thinking on our blog now folks are really researching things to do at summer art camps. This lesson is a one day lesson. You can see the variations on lessons that I got this last 9 weeks. For details on the lesson check out the link at the top. Many ideas can happen from this one lesson. Good Luck - 1969

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