Monday, June 13, 2016

Camp Peace Poles!

I just spent the last week at Perry United Methodist Children's Camp with 55 third graders at Camp Dixie in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Camp is always a fun time for all.  The kids get some Jesus, have some fun, and do some art!  A lot of the kids that go are students at my school.
From what I can surmise, this is my 10th year of being the art teacher at camp.  Here is a true story for you.  My daughter (now 22) first went to camp in 5th Grade.  She came back and acted like it was the greatest thing ever.  At the time, we had just hired a new children's minister.  Callie, my daughter, kept talking about the children's minister and how much she liked her.  I mean I was like dang;  I must get to know this person that is just so awesome and trying to steal my daughter from me (ha).  So, I did.  And she was.  And we have been doing camp together ever since.....
An interesting fact about making of the peace pole is that the guy that made them is actually a product of the children's camp.  Nathan Cyr is now 24 and works for Parrish Construction in our hometown.  Although he is a big guy now, he is always willing to help with art projects, camp decorations, or anything requiring the "big tools". He is a great guy and I have to believe that camp is a little bit of the reason he is the man he is today.  Also, he still goes to camp and does the famous "messy games".
Here is the peace pole!  Unfortunately, I lack pictures.  Who had time to take pictures at children's camp?  

Luckily, my daughter, Callie, was able to go to children's camp and be a camp counselor.  I think this camp will probably be her last.  She just graduated from college and starts medical school in the fall.   It is a little sad, but, maybe she can come back as the camp doctor one day.  I know, wishful thinking, right?

Of course, like me, Callie likes good music.  Here is a great song "Hit Me" by The Whigs that we listened to on the ride home.  The Whigs are a band formed in 2002 in the great town of Athens, Georgia.

Enjoy this awesome groove!


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