Thursday, September 26, 2019

3D Pumpkins and Partnerships (Red Hills Village)

How cool is this project? I bet you have seen these several times over the years for student art projects. Well, we have a different spin on it. We are donating them to our local Red Hills Village. One of our goals this year in the Visual Arts Department is to reach out locally to make connections with our community. So, it just happened that my good friend Renee's parents are moving here. I went this week and made contact with the Lifestyle Director, Jesse. We are looking to grow our connections from Maclay to the Red Hills Village. 
Are you asking what and where is Red Hills Village? I am telling you, I was most impressed with this facility...wowzy!
Check out the link below:
At the end of the post you will find several ways to make these fall pumpkins via videos. I have also found a few links for you to visit if you are feeling artsy yourself!
I do get tickled and think it is just awesome that these students think outside the box and didn't limit themselves to just "orange" pumpkins!

Shout out to Renee for helping us bridge the connection between a local business and the MS Art Room at Maclay. As always, you are the bombdiggity! Yes, even Renee comes in for art lessons. Check out this post for 2015 (I know she made her Grumpy Cat have glasses)

Ok, you all saw this coming. We love to end all blog post with music. It is just what Cochran Sisters do...we had to end this post with a little Smashing Pumpkins, right?


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