Monday, September 30, 2019

Toilet Paper Rolling and Rocking

So, you may ask, what are those sculptures made of?  Well, l👀k below and you will see!

How did we do it?


Warning:  Kids will have to be patient.  The project is a lot of trial and error.  There will be lots of wasted toilet paper rolls.  The teacher will have to be patient, too!  😉

Save a lot of toilet paper rolls.  
Watch this video with the kids.

Kids wet toilet paper roll.
Kids fold and bend eyes, nose, and mouth.
They will need to clip the toilet paper rolls with small black clamps to keep the eyes, nose, and mouth in place.
Once they get a form that they are happy with, let it dry overnight.
When dry, undo the small black clamps.
Paint the dry toilet paper roll with Modge Podge.
Let dry.
Kids paint roll with a face.
Let dry.
Kids hot glue roll to base.


The end of the toilet paper roll is a pain in the booty.  Well, the roll is for your booty, but it is always running out of paper.  Then, you have to replace the roll.  When replacing, you have to consider over or under.  I like over.  Under seems to be for the lazies, but I could be wrong.  

We all use it.  We all need it.  Most folks like it soft.  Folks on commercials like to squeeze it.  There are really big rolls at public places.  Kids use it to decorate friend's yards.  It hangs great from trees.  If you don't have tissue when you sneeze, you grab it.  Toilet paper is quite versatile and handy.
I always feel like I am ALWAYS the one that is the ONE to get to the last sheet.  It always works out that I have to change the dang roll.  One thing for sure, we always have excess toilet paper in the Ray house.  My hubs loves buying the toilet paper.  

I like the song by Bob Segar.  Old Time Rock and ROLL.  Get it, ROLL, like toilet paper roll?  I know that was cheesy.


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