Thursday, September 12, 2019

Be The "i" in KIND (COTA CLASS)

This school year we have a Wellness and Kindness Initiative at play. See the previous link for more information on how it got started.

I cna't take credit for this idea. It goes to Twitter and my friend, Abby Schukei. I was in the car surfing as my husband drove us home from seeing our daughter at her college volleyball tournament. I saw the above photo on Twitter. I just had to get the students help me create something like this.
Once it was completed, we sent an all staff email out and told everyone of the photo opportunity. It has been very successful on campus. (Even our adults are getting involved.)
We had our COTA Class get it started and then for 2 days we had early finishers help tidy up some of the craftsmanship.
Such a cool learning experience for all!
Lots of Math involved.
My room had to be rearranged to be sure to get all of the details taken care of during the creation process.
I had several volunteers for the first few photo ops.
Abby, you had a great idea and we loved it. Thanks for being our inspiration on this banner.

Have you seen this? Take a listen - pretty awesome!

Tim, you got the right idea!

A must go ahead and spread some kindness!

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