Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My HeArT is FULL!

I have been teaching art since 1991. I have taught many kids over the years. So, I taught at a school in Tallahassee for 10 years. This year I moved to a new school. I absolutely LOVE my new job but I really miss my art students. When you bond with kids year after year it tugs at your heart when you wonder how they are doing. What they are learning in art class now.  Yes, I do. I think about them...how could I not? And when you get a text that says 2 former students want a visit and an art lesson. Yep, it makes your heart full!

 You know every now and then there are just those students that leave an impression on your "ART and Soul". Well, my 2 friends MB and MCS sure did make me happy when they came by for a visit and a little art "therapy". I did love catching up with them and my teacher friend Renay-nay ;)
This grumpy cat cracks me up! Renee's husband loved the glasses and yes her art was placed on the refrigerator =) =) =) in her house!
 When your phone starts blowing up with social media alerts it just made my day! I was able to do an art lesson after school with 2 kiddos that I have not taught since last May! What a way to end a fantastic school year...getting to spend time with MCS and MB was a true blessing! I sat and listened as they talked about their school year from field trips to musicals. We reminisced about past art lessons and the organized chaos that happens in a hip hop happening art room.
 It just doesn't get better than this. Sweet kids. Wonderful parents. I will forever be these kids advocates.  I love teaching art!

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