Wednesday, September 4, 2019

TWISTER, The Painted on the Playground Version!

If I could remember to take the playground box with the TWISTER spinner to the playground, the kids 🧒🧒would be loving this TWISTER game.  It is okay, though.  The cement is   H  O  T   🌞  in September in the state of Georgia.

So, you see how I did this.
I bought a Twister game for about $15.
Then, I cut out the circles.  Man, this was a pain in the booty.
Then, the I cut out the word TWISTER.  Shoot me!
I taped the cutout twister on the cement.
Spray painted.

Everybody loves Twister.  It is Classic.  It is Throwback.  It is Retro.  It is Hip.
  You can Twist and Shout!


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