Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Saran Wrap Banner for Cultivating Kindness and National Art Education Week

What do you do with donated house paint? Well, we bought some Saran Wrap and created a very inexpensive banner to display on our campus. We are trying to cultivate kindness on our campus and make the arts not hidden. So, on each side of the banner we were able to promote both of the concepts. Have you ever seen this? This time we used used 2 trees. In the past, we have used poles on our walk ways. 
Here is another example of a Saran Wrap Mural / Banner
We used house paint and acrylic paint. As of now, we have had the elements of weather on it and it still looks great. Going on 3.5 weeks. 

Feeling a little nostalgic...turning it back to The traveling Wilburys...

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