Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Painted Denim Jeans

 As an art teacher that is married to a MacGyver (who can make and fix anything) We find ourselves frequently taking photos of things that we like and saying..."We can make this!" Yep, we trained our daughter the same way. She saw these jeans with her Aunt Dawn while they were having special niece time at a cooking class in Atlanta then off for a quick shop. You see, Aunt Dawn has 2 sons and never really gets to shop for girls. They saw these jeans and at that point in time Mary Frances knew she had to figure out how to make her a pair.
So, what did we do? We Googled how to make them. I researched and found several Youtube videos.
This blog post is pretty self explanatory. I have posted several visuals for you to see the process of making the jeans.
Jeans you like (We chose Levi's Boyfriend style)
Quilting  / Tapestry Needles
Fabric Paint
Acrylic Paint
Mini rolling Kit with different rollers
Paint Brushes
How to seal the paint:
I put in dryer for 30 minutes
Washed on quick wash with Vinegar to help set the paint
Then dried  in dryer again
Seemed to work fine

This is the thread that was used to add details.

It took several days to layer the painted look. I have an art studio, so we just let them sit. Each day I would roll another coat on the jeans and just let dry. Literally, this took maybe 10 minutes. Remember you have to do front and back. I was fortunate in my studio I have a ceiling fan. This helped aid in the drying.
No, I didn't wash the rollers out. The dried rollers added extra cool texture.
I purchased a mini roller kit and just kept using it. Yes, I am still using it on the jeans that I am making me ;)
I used 2 different types of rollers from the kits.

I started with smooth roller.
Layered the paint all the way down the legs.
This was their home for like 2 weeks.
I did a base of white to allow the other colors pop.
How they looked in the beginning.
After my research, this was the paint that I used and combined it with some white acrylic.
Great Youtube videos that shares how to make them.
Yes, she has worn them and we have had several folks ask us where we got them. They are fun...very Boho-Hippy'ish! Loved this project. One thing I have found in 26+ years of teaching is that sometimes I just don't make the time to create for me. This was a quick "creative-fix"! Want a pair...it is easy just follow these resources and create your own! 1969



  1. Loved your advice to seal the paint! I'm gonna be checking it out for future projects :)

    1. Loved you video! It was most helpful. I took several fabric design classes in my undergraduate work. Vinegar was a life savor on many occasions! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Do I need to wash them inside out when they get dirty?

    1. I love them! They turned out great!

    2. We just wash them normal. So far so good. Thanks for stopping by!