Wednesday, May 10, 2017

6th Grade and the Illustrations of Andreas Samuelsson

Who is Andreas Samuelsson?  Andreas Samuelsson is a cool illustrator.  I ran across some of his work online and thought my middle school students would be inspired to create with words, like Samuelsson.  Here is a brief bio from Agent Molly & Company.
 Letters, stylized objects, symbols and details are important elements of Andreas Samuelsson’s creativity. He likens his way of working to a musician sampling audio clips. "I like to put the pieces together and build up pictures quite freely", he explains. "The goal is to break down an image so that it becomes as pure as possible." Inspiration can come from Japanese arcade games, a cup of coffee, jazz music and swimming. Sometimes he will also look at old record and book covers, flyers, packaging, stickers or film graphics and try to recreate them with a personal touch.

If you are interested in looking at more of Samuelsson's Art, you can head on over to my Pinterest board Click Here. 
I showed the kids some of Samuelsson's work.
Most students created their own version of his work.
We used construction paper, scissors,  and glue.
Have a look!
The art above  is by a student that has always had the best attitude.  😀  I wish kids would be more like him.  Kids are always worrying about what others think.  I say think for yourself and be happy 😎with you.  If there was one thing that my mama 👩 taught me, it was for me to not worry about what other people think.  As a good friend of mine says often, "You Do You" and "Stay in Your Lane."

Float on, folks.

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