Friday, May 19, 2017

Nip! Nip! by Shoo Rayner-Children's Literature and Art Activity

The teachers and the students are getting crabby at the end of the school year.  Ha ha. 😃  As an art teacher, I am challenged to find projects that are fun for the kids.  I stumbled upon this awesome "How to Draw a Crab" on YouTube.  The kids absolutely loved drawing and painting this crab!  
Are these crabs cute or what?  
Ever heard of Shoo Rayner?  Shoo Rayner is a children's book author and illustrator that lives in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.  He has written and illustrated hundreds of  books.  Rayner's videos on YouTube have over 30 million views,  Wowza.  
The book the crab video is based on is Nip! Nip!  
For Shoo's video Click Here.
Interested in learning more about Shoo Rayner?  Click Here.
My students loved hearing Shoo Rayner talk on the video. 😍  Our middle Georgia accent is quite different from Shoo's British talk.  The video was so fun for the kids!
Thanks so much for the inspiration, Shoo!

I watered down tempera paint.
I showed the Shoo's crab video.
The kids used oil pastel to draw along.
The kids painted.
They were so happy😁😁😁😁 with the results.
I was happy to see them so happy. 😁
I hope these crabs making you smile. 


  1. Thos drawings are great! Maybe I should draw a whole Octopus's Garden next!Keep nut the good work :)

  2. Thanks so much, Shoo! The kids had a total blast drawing the fun and crazy crabs! A whole Octopus Garden could be incredible! Once again, thanks for sharing your video and giving my kids a little inspiration!