Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tie Dye and Character Education

So, we had this not so attractive green wall on the middle school black top - playground area. We wanted to paint it to spruce it up a bit. The Visual Arts Teachers got to talking and we thought this was a cool idea. So, we had AP Art kids paint the tie dye back ground. Then Kyle Maurey (US Art Teacher) and Abi (AP Art Student) got to working on the Character Education Words and lettering them out. How do you think it turned out? We love it! Added bonus it is a great reminder on what your character should reflect.

Thought this was a really fun way for the kids to be reminded of how to treat others. Below is a link that has other Character Education Blog Post Art Related Lessons.

This song has always stuck in my head as an Art Educator.... have you ever heard of it?
Take a listen....1969

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