Monday, May 1, 2017

Ernest Lee's Palm Trees

Ever heard of Ernest Lee?  Ernest Lee is known as "The Chicken Man".  Ernest Lee began painting around age five. Currently he sets up his portable studio by the side of a road in Columbia, SC. When he's not there, he is attending one of the many art festivals he participates in throughout the year. He says he's painted 11,000 pieces in the last 8 years. He paints more than chickens, but they are the subject that people see and instantly recognize "Chicken Man" art.  We have posted on Ernest Lee before, click HERE.
My first graders had a blast with these Palm Trees.
Give the kids a piece of 12 x 18 piece of construction paper (their choice).
Kids sponge the background with fun colors.
Give the paint a few minutes to dry.
Kids sponge the palm tree.
Fun project for kids.
They just love "dabbing" with a sponge.
The Palm Tree below is so funny to me.  The kid that made the tree is funny, too!
Here's a funny video to go along with the funny tree.

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