Thursday, May 25, 2017

Blue Dog Art

Say wha?
I love Blue Dog.  Who doesn't?  I decided that I wanted 4th grade to end their school year with a Blue Dog project.  We have posted on Blue Dog in the past.  Click HERE to see more Blue Dog posts.
Kids look at some of George Rodrigue's work.
Kids draw Blue Dog.
Kids paint Blue Dog and the background any way they would like.
Have a look!
As you read, you may be thinking what is up with waffles?  
Here is how the waffles came into the art room.
My boss came to me and said that the new Waffle House boss from across the street had contacted him.  Anyway, I got in contact with the Waffle House boss, Jason.  Jason wanted me to bring some artwork over and hang on his walls at the Waffle House.  He wanted his customers to vote on what they thought was the best art project by kids.
I thought this sounded like a pretty good idea.
I had these Blue Dog projects ready to go, so I ran over to the Waffle House and hung them up.
I made up these sheets for customers to use to vote with.
I included a picture of George Rodrigue and a little information just to be putting some art in front of customer's eyes.
The customers voted.  I returned in about 10 days to pick up the art and to tally the votes.
And the Winner Was:

Waffles for breakfast are so yummy.  Waffles at Waffle House are the best!  I love ❤ butter and syrup on my waffles.😋😋😋😋
Here's the best breakfast song that I know.


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