Friday, April 1, 2016

Professional Development, Arts Integration...We have some CrEaTiVe Teachers!


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT- Maclay School's Arts Integration
(Stress Relief) 

Perception/ Optical Illusions: Everyone sees life / situations differently so….

EQ: How do you see yourself in the classroom?

BIG IDEAS: How you see things is a personal experience. 

TED Talk on Optical Illusions: will be watched during PD on Wednesday
Optical Illusions being used in the classroom:

Have faculty create 6x3 or 6x6 (Paper)
Create two words that represent #whyiteach, one for yourself and one for a co-worker.
·        How are they similar? Different?
·        Do you see others differently than yourself?
·        Do others see you differently that you see yourself?
*We will take these and frame them (poster size), make note cards, post on social media

Hands on Art:
Will be completed in the US and MS Art Rooms (with our 3 art teachers: Kim, Cathy and Kyle). This will give us all a time to create and de-stress and converse.

Word Bank Ideas:
Create, Inspire, Dream, Engage, Love, Build, Bind


These are our finished pieces below:

Huge shout out to Kyle Maurey and Cathy Hicks! We are glad that our Maclay Faculty was receptive to getting their Artsy Groove on with us....1969

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