Monday, April 25, 2016

Hicks', The Statue of Liberty And Britto...We LoVe them All

I was in LS the other day talking with Cathy Hicks...saw these on her board and new I had to blog about them. They used 9x12 white drawing paper and made homemade oil pastel etchings. They covered the paper with oil pastels for the background. Used black washable paint over the oil pastels. They etched the background fireworks using that technique. Drew a "Britto" style Statue of Liberty and colored in with marker. How cool are they??? They were designed with colored markers and cut out and pasted over the etchings. Wow! These are amazing and can be adapted to any level. So glad Cathy allowed me to share. We definitely have our vertical alignment of our curriculum going on!         - 1969

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