Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clay Animal Bowls

The puppy dog Face Jug....
Students were taught the history of the Face Jugs and then were charged with creating one. The deal was it had to have a face but it didn't matter if it was an animal, person, cartoon character as long as they understood the history behind the jug.
This one is a hoot...a turkey...yep, a middle school boy that hunts and fishes =)

Different take on the jug. It ended up being a bowl but the face was placed on the inside of the project. Below is a black cat!
I have posted on Face Jugs before this year. Our Face Jug lesson at Maclay took a turn to animals in the 4th quarter. I thought some of these were very clever.  The link below is where you can find out the history of Face Jugs and see our other blog post on this unit.

The students could use the coil extruder to create the jug or they could use the classic pinch pot technique. We went over basic ceramic terms like; slip and score. They had to create the details by hand-making them out of extra clay. We had all kinds of details. (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, beaks, whiskers, eyelashes, etc...)

We let them dry. Took the greenware fired it at 04 on slow with a hold of .15
Took them out used overglaze on them.
Fired them at 06 on fast with no hold and viola!

When was the last time you created with clay?

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