Monday, October 9, 2023

Need a Art Sub Lesson? I just bet you do!

I am not sure where this lesson came from...Maybe TPT?  Anyway, thanks for the person that came up with it!  It saved my sub for a few days.


1-Choose a year. 
2-Count the number of letters in your name and add 4 (the year that you chose) to that number.  Remember this MAGIC number!
3-Using a ruler, divide your paper into the MAGIC number above...Whatever number you got when you added your name plus the year...That is the number of spaces that you should divide your paper into with a ruler
4-Draw block or bubble letters and numbers for your name/chosen year in each block.  Each number and letter must touch at least 3 sides of the space.
5-Trace, and then color with watercolor or crayons!



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