Thursday, October 12, 2023

Alcohol Ink Tiles With The 2 Soul Sisters Summer Art Camp

Yep, this was a successful factor in our art camp lessons. Why? Well, I would say this is not your typical class activity involving ink and lighters. You can scroll and see the detailed photos that we took for you to know how to set this up in your classroom. The product was very cool!

What was our process? 
We had students write name on back of tile with Sharpie. 
Have the students clean off the tile with a Clorox wipe
Drop on the ink
Let dry
Light it up - watch it burn out
Sit over night
Spray with polyurethane the next morning

Where can you buy the Alcohol Ink Kits?

Where can you by Alcohol Ink Set?

A link to share more information on the process:

 Thanks for stopping by and yes...oh yes, this is a must for any art camp! 1969

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