Wednesday, June 26, 2019

School Empathy and Outreach

This post is long over due! But, hey - that is what summer is for - to get caught up, right? So, recently we have been tasked with...What does a Maclay Graduate look like? Well, this post sums it up to me. Someone that has good character is a team player and is still being productive and giving back to the communities that they are involved with where they are at in that particular stage of life. One of our biggest symbols that represents our school is the Oak Tree. As teachers (in this particular case a mom), we have the ability to see the Oak inside the Acorn. We see the massive amount of potential in our student's future. Kindess is the key here!

Here is the back story...copied from the Rhodes College Volleyball Alumni And Friends (Facebook Page) August 28, 2018 by Coach Kait Harris

Monday night we officially added Bridget Korn to the Lynx Volleyball Family! Bridget will join us this season and we will always be here for her and her family even after they return back home to Arizona. Bridget enjoyed hanging out with the team in the locker room after practice, shared some cupcakes, and got to start making her locker her own. She stayed in the locker room after the team left and wanted to read every letter each player wrote to her. The top word used to describe Bridget was "feisty"! Her unbelievable positive demeanor, playfulness, and strength shines. She is definitely a teammate who has a lot to offer the team and can teach all of us a thing or two about perseverance and maintaining an optimistic outlook! She will be in attendance at our matches this weekend, so don't be shy if you're in the gym to say Hi! You might even see her joining us on the sidelines this season!
Bridget loves unicorns! So, we plan on sporting some unicorn warmup shirts during pregame this season featuring her hashtag #BridgetStrong. You can follow her on instagram as well @BridgetStrong1 #unicornrain
Unicorn socks and hair ties are on the way for the entire team to sport on game day too! Even thought her favorite colors are purple and teal, she is still excited to sport the red and black with the LynxCats! 
p.s. she's a pretty awesome artist and will be creating some artwork for the locker room for the team
A very special thank you to the Friends of Jaclyn organization for helping connect us! @FOJfoundation

Since #16 is an Alumni of Maclay, we thought it would be pretty cool to share a goody bag from our COTA Class with her to give to Bridget. #16 is 1969's daughter. Yes, we have blogged on Mary Frances before but this one hits home to me. My passion is my family and my art career. This post has both together. If we were to give Mary Frances some way-super-cool art she would be able to pass it along to her new friend Bridget. Bridget could then take some of the items back to St Jude and share there too. It is a process of paying it forward, right? I love doing this type of activity!

Are you asking, What is a COTA Class? See links below for more information:

We connected with Bridget's mom through Coach Kait. Who then sent us some of Bridget's art. We took those pieces of art and made into bookmarks, key chains, Christmas ornaments, etc...

We all believe in the power of positive thinking, right?

COTA Class created these positive items with magnets to be placed in random spots at St. Jude.

We collected donations from the Maclay Visual Arts Department to finish off our goody bag!

Bridget was s super addition to this team. 

This unicorn has hung in the Middle School Art room for a couple of years. This was the one decisions that was unanimous by our students. We needed to send her to Memphis to meet Bridget - so we did! (Thanks, Gina...we did love having it in the MS Art Room, but it has a greater purpose now in Memphis)

COTA Class hard at work creating!

We do believe Bridget does love her some art!

Now isn't that a sight! Such a fabulous experience for all involved! 

Talk about a fight got this Bridget! I am so glad that this team was behind you in your stay in Memphis!

Meet Bridget's mom Jamie!

Follow Bridget and her progress on Instagram. She is doing amazing these days. @BridgetStrong1

Are you aware of all that St Jude does for families? If not, take a listen below.

Wow...just Wow!!!!
I leave you with one final thought -
Choose Kind Whenever You Can!
(This is the best way to teach our students about eMpathy)

Creatively, 1969

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