Monday, April 24, 2017

Looking Up, Fresh Fall Forest Art with Cathy Hicks

Cathy Hicks has done it again with her way cool art down in our lower school. Everybody was talking about these trees, so I decided we needed to share them with you all!
We have blogged on trees of different perspectives before. I saw these in the lower school the other day and thought they were super. Cathy Hicks always hangs up a great bulletin board.
White paper
·        Draw trees from a different perspective
·        Pick a color scheme for leaves
·        Use tempera paint for leaves
·        Watercolor for background
·        Details – other media (Crayons, Markers, etc…)
Discuss texture on the leaves and the tree bark.
Thanks, for stopping by! 1969
Thanks to Cathy for always sharing her art with us!!!

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