Thursday, October 4, 2018

Marauder Queen of Sustainability (Recycled Themed Scarecrow)

 Meet our Marauder Queen of Sustainability who is reigning acts of green protecting our Earth.  What do YOU think about the value of recycling? Show us by helping make a difference in our community. Maclay’s Queen of Sustainability is dazzling her audiences decked out in her “UP-CYCLED” refurbished hip and trending garments in these beautiful gardens. How many recycled items can you find as we celebrate the 9th Annual Moon Over Maclay?

See below to learn more about this project. Head on over to the Maclay Gardens to make a vote!
Details to how to enter are in the link below:

Here are our other post from this collaborative project:

Hope you let's get ready for some Halloween Songs to start the month off...
Take a listen.

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