Wednesday, October 3, 2018

AND NOW, Presenting, The Westfield School MIDDLE SCHOOL Georgia National Fair Entries!

The Georgia National Fair (Click HERE for fair link) is almost here!  In the state of Georgia, the best fair is in our town, Perry, GA!  If you are traveling down I-75 and see the BIG Ferris Wheel, stop and have a ride!
The fair lasts for 11 days.  Now that is pretty great, but the kids can see the fair each day on the way to school.  The school days end, but the fair nights begin!  By the time the fair leaves, everyone is worn out!  Fun can be tiring!

Here are the Middle School entries for the fair this year.  The Middle and High School can win prize money.  Great incentive, huh?

Max-6th Grade

Ben-7th Grade

Jaxen (Entry 1)-7th Grade

Jaxen (Entry 2)

Jackson Brooks-8th Grade

Abbie-8th Grade

Camden-8th Grade

Kyla (Entry 1)-6th Grade

Kyla (Entry 2)

Brazlyn (Entry 1)-7th Grade

Brazlyn (Entry 2)

Yvonne-7th Grade

Winn-7th Grade

Hayden P-6th Grade

Brant-6th Grade

Russ-6th Grade

Hayden-8th Grade

Levi-8th Grade

I hope you all get to visit a fair this fall.  If you just happen to be in Perry, GA, on October 6, 2018, you can see Salt-N-Pepa.
Remember them?


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