Friday, April 14, 2017

Our Fabulous 5th grade Teachers are at it again! (Earth Day)

Yet again, I am cutting through the Maclay Lower School...and I see these fabulous oil pastel creations. I admire them for several days and then I decided that I needed to share with you all how awesome they looked. Mary Byrd, Lana, and Melissa - I appreciate you all spreading those creative juices down in lower school.
We have 3 bulletin boards with animals / wild life on them. Just think of all the ways you can incorporate this into your regular classroom curriculum. Wow, these guys are on it! I just love the final products that hang in the hallway. These guys just seem to "get it" when it comes to cross curricular lessons.
Just a few weeks ago, I posted another cross curricular lesson they had covered. It was super cool on our past Presidents. Check it out in the link below:
I just think some of these would make great note cards...
I think our lower school art teacher, Cathy Hicks is doing a fantastic job in teaching the Elements and Principles of Art if these are being created in the regular classroom. I am super excited to get these kids in Middle School Art next year!
You know it is a good lesson when you see others standing in the hallway "Oooing and Ahhing" over these bulletin boards. Kudos to you all. Thanks for allowing me to share via the Art Education blog!
Lots of details!
This makes such a good display!
Agree, don't you?
This little guys is one of my favs....
I tend to gravitate to crabs, but the detail in the sad texture in the background is spot on!
Kinda makes me want to head to the beach, how about you?
Thanks for dropping by! Check out some more resources for Earth Day below, 1969
Deep Space Sparkle always have really good resources.

I ran across this cute Theater Arts pieces...thought it was fitting to share here too!

Collaborative Globe made of paper mache...

Happy Earth Day Planning...

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